Where to Buy Cheap Android Installs?

By  //  February 11, 2021

To buy cheap android installs is a good method to start your app marketing. They will make your app visible and help to leave your competitors far behind.

But how to plan your promotion reasonably? Where to buy installs? And how not waste all your budget on it? Let’s clarify all these questions.

A common mistake of novice marketing specialists is to order installs for one keyword. If you promote a VPN browser and promote a single search term “VPN”, it’ll be an enormous mistake. Firstly, it’s a highly competitive keyword.

It means that numerous applications also want to be at the top by this search request. Therefore, you’ll need more installs to beat them.

And you’ll also need to invest more money in the promotion that may not pay for it. When you launch a new app, it’s reasonable to start with less competitive long-tail keywords. Your expenses will be lower, and it’ll be easier to get a top 3 position by them.

The main idea of keyword installs is to move your app up the rank. If it’s in the top 5, organic users will see and download it. Therefore, you have to choose keywords that are related to your app and display its functions. It’s better to target as many keywords as possible.

Choose a group of keywords with the same core – the most meaningful word, mostly a noun. Buy installs for 4-5 keywords in one campaign. If you don’t know which installs provider to choose, contact keyapp.top. You’ll get a free consultation with your personal manager, who will help to plan your app marketing.

The particularity of the Google Play algorithm is that when you promote keywords with the same core, it also affects your position by search requests including the same words.

So, you can start with the first group of keywords, boost your rank with motivated installs, and turn to the other group. In this way, you’ll buy cheap android installs and increase your audience reach.