Why Online Casinos Will Continue to Grow in 2021

By  //  February 5, 2021

Whenever we come to the end of a year, it’s common to start looking to the next one and predict what changes we can expect to occur. And as we saw with what we experienced in 2020, much can happen in a year.

When it comes to the online casino industry, there are some trends that we can expect to have a greater effect in 2021 than they did in 2020. From methods of payment to how players engage with gambling itself, there’s a lot we can anticipate from casinos in the year ahead. Here are four reasons why we can expect online casinos to continue to thrive in 2021.

Mobile Gambling

Of course, mobile gambling isn’t new. Gamblers have been increasingly using them to access their favourite games and betting platforms for as long as mobile devices have been in circulation. It’s expected, however, that we’ll see a greater move towards mobile gambling once the pandemic is over.

An estimated one in two gamblers accessed online gambling through their smartphones in 2019, a number that’s likely increased as a result of land-based casinos being limited. With lockdowns giving people no choice but to play online, there’s undoubtedly been a significant percentage of gamblers who have come to realise that mobile gambling is both safer and simpler.

When restrictions start to ease, which will allow land-based casinos to reopen, it’s unlikely that as many gamblers will be entering the doors as there were prior to the pandemic. While that might not be music to the ears of land-based casinos, their online counterparts will continue to thrive.

Cryptocurrency Payments

This isn’t new to the online casino industry either, It’s taken some time, however, for online casinos to embrace crypto coins as a method of payment, despite it being regarded as one that’s both more secure and convenient. This is a trend that’s seen a gradual change in recent years, and it’s anticipated that an influx of online casinos will accept cryptocurrency in 2021.


Sports betting continues to be a popular way to gamble, and more and more online casinos have been allowing their customers to bet on their favourite sports. We can expect to see this to continue in 2021, with esports being a part of the sports betting mix.

While such physical sports as football and baseball will likely remain the more popular way to go for gamblers, esports will continue to enjoy rapid growth. As an increasing number of people become interested in gaming, tournaments for games such as League of Legends are becoming major events.

Virtual Reality

VR software has had a significant impact on the gaming industry over the past decade or so. Whereas it was once restricted to science-fiction movies, it’s now an experience you can enjoy right at home. Now VR has come such a long way, online casinos have begun to embrace it. We can expect to see this relationship solidify even further in 2021.

While online casinos are more convenient, some people prefer playing at a real-world location. Fortunately, VR can provide you with the best of both worlds by allowing you to be immersed in a casino atmosphere. And you don’t even need to leave your home.

This is likely something that many gamblers could have taken advantage of in 2020, which explains why we’ll probably see more a push for VR casinos in the future. Seeing as virtual reality is estimated to reach more than double its predicted worldwide revenue over the next four years, it seems like the smart way to go.