Why So Many Companies Are Using Twitter For Marketing 

By  //  February 2, 2021

When social media platforms were in their infancy, many people were under the impression it was a passing fad, or something that teenagers engaged in to keep themselves occupied.

Today however, social media platforms are being increasingly used by companies and brands to get their names out there and expand their customer base.

The companies that jumped on the social media train early are now reaping the rewards, while new companies are enjoying the benefits they were operating without. One social media platform that has become a favorite of companies and brands around the world is Twitter.

This is demonstrated by the numbers; 65.8% of companies use Twitter to market their products and grow their business. For those who are not familiar with social media, or are curious as to why so many companies use Twitters, continue reading to find out.

To get followers

It goes without saying that the one thing a business or brand needs, aside from a product, are customers and people that support it; it would be pointless to have a product and no one to sell it to. This is why so many companies have started using Twitter in the past few years.

Twitter has been instrumental in the success of many brands by helping them to expand their reach, target new audiences, and most importantly, gain followers that could become customers. If you have a new brand and are struggling to gain traction, then there are plenty of marketing services available, such as Twesocial.

Twesocial is a Twitter marketing service that uses organic methods in order to gain followers. All you would need to do is answer a few questions related to your target audience, and Twesocial will do the rest.

Customer support

Another great advantage that companies have discovered, is that Twitter is very effective when used for customer support, and in real-time too. Companies use Twitter to communicate with their customers by reassuring them if any problems arise. The best use of Twitter in terms of customer support is being able to address an issue that a customer has, to prevent it from escalating or becoming out of control.

In addition to this, many people have questions about products or services, and companies are able to answer these questions in real-time, while providing customers with any help they might need.

This makes Twitter a great way to connect with customers and grow a relationship built on trust, which makes it more likely that those customers will refer that company to someone else.

It’s great for research

One of the most underutilized aspects of Twitter is the fact that it is great for research. It’s quite a common practice for companies to search for topics, products or services related to competitors in order to see what the public is saying. This can be done because everything on Twitter is open, and any conversation thread can be followed.

Companies use this opportunity to find out what is trending, popular, liked or disliked. Using Twitter in this way also allows companies to use information, such as the websites, profile bios and interests of people to find the best approach to gain new followers or customers.

Not to mention that this information is useful when finding out if the products of the company are doing well and where they can be improved upon.

Market new products

The most common purpose of Twitter is for companies to provide their customers and followers with information related to new products. This includes announcing the launch of a new product, marketing it and answering questions related to it.

Many companies also directly interact with their followers and customers by asking questions like what do they like about the new product, do they think it is better than the last, what kind of features do they want to see in the next product or what is missing.

Not only does this create engagement, but companies are able to tailor a product to the needs of their customers without any confusion or misinterpretation. In addition to this, research has showed that products gain more popularity through social media than they do through traditional marketing methods.