5 Best Photo Editing Services in Australia of 2021

By  //  March 23, 2021

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If you want to find the best photo editing services in Australia that will enhance your images and send them back to you in a few days, take a closer look at the options below.

These 5 most popular services in Australia offer affordable rates, have a short turnaround time and are known for high-quality photo editing.

We have tested them to compare their services and let you know which options are the best value for the money.

1. FixThePhoto – for busy photographers 

FixThePhoto is a popular photo editing service that has been on the market for about 15 years. It’s used by professional and novice photographers from more than 90 countries across the globe.

Before sending photos to them, we were wondering whether they really can deliver on their promises. We were fully satisfied with the results.

These retouchers specialize in enhancing portrait, newborn, jewelry, real estate and other photos. They also offer photo restoration.

Portfolio: You can find a sample gallery on their official website. It will help you decide which services you need to order. The examples can be found in the corresponding section of the website.

Here, you can see a variety of retouching samples, which will help you understand how your edited photo will look like.

Rates: $2-25 per photo. Whether you are a beginner or a professional photographer, you will be impressed by their pricing policy. Even if you don’t have a lot of clients yet, you can still find an affordable plan for your needs. For instance, we paid $5 for this photo.

Discounts: After becoming a regular customer, you will be eligible for 15-30% discounts when you ask them to edit multiple photos at once.

Speed: Less than 3 days. We were surprised to receive the edited image the next day. We didn’t count on this. If you often have to meet tight deadlines, you can rely on this company as they will send you retouched images in no time.

Customer Support: They have responsive customer support. After we contacted them, they quickly solved our issue and told us how to attach files in the right format when placing the order. We didn’t need to wait for hours for a reply.

Shop: On the FixThePhoto website, we have found a collection of free and paid overlays and effects for Photoshop and Lightroom. They will come in handy for novices and professional photographers.

While some other companies also offer you to download photo editing tools, these guys have a pretty impressive library of effects that will help you embellish your photos without paying a dime.

Final Result: We were fully satisfied with the result. The edited image looks professional.

The FixThePhoto team made the eyes look brighter and added beautiful highlights to emphasize them. Thanks to it, the retouched photo looks eye-catching.

Besides, they have carefully retouched other areas of the face. The original photo has some overexposure issues so it’s nice to see that the photo editors have managed to smoothen out the skin texture while maintaining its natural look.

We have zoomed in to check whether it’s possible to notice that the photo was edited but the skin looks perfect. The photo retouchers removed skin imperfections on the face and the neck. They have also edited out fly-away hair, raised contrast and made colors look more saturated.

We were also impressed by the way they adjusted the colors. They look richer without being artificial. The FixThePhoto experts emphasized the natural beauty of the model in the photo and made the image portfolio-worthy.

Conclusion: It’s a great service that cares for its clients and caters to theirs needs. FixThePhoto is a perfect option for experienced photographers and beginners regardless of their budget.

2. WeEdit.Photos – for editing studio photos 

WeEdit.Photos is one of the best services for studio and portrait photographers. This company has been offering its photo editing services for almost 2 decades. They enhance portraits for glossy magazines and offer high-end photo retouching services.

Portfolio: To see samples, you can go to the “Portfolio” tab where you can find some edited photos that are put into several categories. Below each image, you will see a detailed description of the edits that allows you to understand which effects have been applied.

Rates: $0,2-10 per photo. Their pricing policy makes them one of the most affordable services for pro-level photographers. They offer several editing levels, which allows you to select the service that suits your budget and needs. If you want to edit several photos, you will be eligible for a discount.

Discounts: For instance, if the price of your order is over $300, you will get a 15% discount. If you pay $1,500, you will be eligible for a 30% discount.

Speed: 2-5 days. We received the edited image within 2 days. They can meet deadlines and can be trusted with complex tasks.

Customer Support: The customer support manager we have been talking to was responsive and polite. You can contact their 24/7 customer support online.

Final Result: They have carefully edited our photo and sent us the image with rich and saturated colors, perfect brightness and contrast. By raising the contrast, they made the image sharper.

Photo editors also removed skin imperfections. The retouched skin looks healthy. The retouchers have removed the dark circles under the eyes, whitened the teeth, fixed shadows and edited out wrinkles on the neck. The face of the model looks evenly lit.

Besides retouching the neck and the face, photo editors made the smile look more beautiful. Another thing that has impressed us about this Australian photo editing service is that they have edited the skin without affecting its texture. The edited photo looks worthy of glossy magazines’ pages. We are fully satisfied with the result.

We were pleasantly surprised at the fact that the retouchers edited out dried leaves in the background.

We are sure that professional photographers will enjoy using such services. Besides, they can use Visme social media graphics tool  to enhance their pictures and make them more attention-grabbing.

Conclusion: This service offers fast turnaround time, amazing quality, and a responsive customer support team that can solve any issue in no time. We will gladly contact them again.

3. Wedding-Retouching

Wedding-Retouching is a service primarily used by wedding photographers. We are pleased that they are as good as we hoped them to be.

Portfolio: You can find a lot of editing samples in their online gallery. Besides, you can compare “Before” and “After” photos to see the details that have been edited.

Rates: $0,2-10 per photo or $99-159 per bundle order. It’s a great service for those who want to edit many photos at once.

Discounts: You can get a discount in winter since they are less busy at that time of the year.

Speed: 2-5 days. We were prepared to wait but they sent us the edited photos within 2 days.

Customer Support: The agents promptly answered to all our questions. They were always in touch and quickly solved some minor issues that we faced.

Final Result: This photo editing service in Australia specializes in wedding photo retouching, which is why we hoped to receive a perfectly edited image. They lived up to our expectations.

Instead of using basic brushes that might make the skin texture look artificial, the retouchers carefully adjusted the skin tone and made it look more even. They fixed lighting issues and improved contrast as well.

Besides, the photo editors deleted flyaway hair and enhanced the color of the lips. All their edits were on point.

What we like the most is that they tweaked the colors, contrast and white balance to make the photo look more professional.

Conclusion: A highly recommended company that delivers on its promises. Great pricing policy and impressive turnaround.

4. Tucia

This Australian photo editing service is believed to be a pro-level company, so we had high expectations but were rather disappointed with the results.

Portfolio: You won’t find a lot of samples on their website. There are about 20 photos in total. The good thing is that you can enlarge each photo.

Rates: $8 per credit. The most unusual thing about this company is that they have credits. You can use them to pay for the order you are placing on the website. Each credit costs $8.

However, we didn’t find enough information about their services. To learn the estimated price, you need to contact them and ask for a quote. We didn’t find their credit system to be convenient. It’s always better to learn about prices beforehand to make an informed choice.

Discounts: The key advantage of this service is that they offer 20% discounts. You can get it by paying upfront for their credits.

Speed: 3 days. We received the retouched photo in three days without any delays. It might be a decisive factor for those who need to meet tight deadlines.

Customer Support: They quickly replied to our email and explained everything in detail.

Final Result: The model in the photo doesn’t look healthy. Besides, the colors in the final image look bleak and grayish.

While in the original photo the skin is beautiful despite some minor imperfections, it looks artificial and poorly edited in the retouched photo. The photo editors didn’t manage to retouch the problematic areas. The image looks poorly edited. It could have benefited from less retouching.

Professional retouchers could have easily fixed all the issues, so we were disappointed with the result.

Conclusion: Their team can hardly be called professional as they don’t pay enough attention to details. This service is suitable only for amateurs with a limited budget as the final results won’t satisfy professional photographers.

5. Stylistix

Stylistix is a well-known photo editing service in Australia. They offer photo retouching services for wedding photographers.

Portfolio: We wanted to check out the samples of their works, however, we didn’t manage to find a lot of edited images. Besides, it’s impossible to enlarge the photos to check the quality of photo retouching.

Rates: $1-3. You can order basic photo editing services, such as color adjustment, imperfection removal, skin smoothing. To further enhance your photos, you can pay $3 for background replacement and body reshaping.

Discounts: If you need to edit a lot of photos, you are eligible for a small discount. To get it, you need to contact them directly via email.

Speed: 1,5 weeks. It took them too long to edit our portrait photo. While they warned us about possible delays, other services sent us the edited images more quickly.

Customer Support: While they helped us to solve our issue, we had to wait for several days for their reply, which might be quite frustrating if you are on a tight deadline.

Final Result: While the photo retouchers managed to adjust colors, they are clearly not skillful enough to perform skin retouching. The skin texture looks unnaturally blurry, which indicates that they used the most basic tools to hide imperfections. As the result, the skin has lost its natural look.

The model looks like a different person. Her face was heavily airbrushed, which contributes to the poor quality of the final result.

It feels like the photo retouchers didn’t have enough time to edit the image. We could have used a basic photo editing app instead to get better results. But they offer free revisions.

Conclusion: If we will ever need to retouch our photos again, unfortunately, we won’t contact this service. We wasted our money on poor-quality skin work.