5 Products That Will Get You Into Shape

By  //  March 30, 2021

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While there seem to be many things in 2021 that are out of our control, there are some things we still can have some ownership over. And one of those is how good of shape we get ourselves into!

But how do you know what workout products you need to be using to get into the best shape of your life? You don’t just want to work out and hope for the best after all. Instead, you want to have a solid purpose and confidence that what you are putting all your effort into is actually going to pay off.

So what are the top five products that will get you into shape? We list what we think will ensure you get rewarded for your efforts!

1. Kayezen resistance

Did you know that Kayazen has designed some of their products to come with their own workout app? That means that not only do you buy their amazing resistance systems that are portable and multi-functional, but you also don’t have to try to come up with your own workouts! Instead, you get access to their free app that has already created workouts for their specific product. This means that all you have to do is follow along consistently and you’ll definitely get into great shape in no time at all!

2. A multi-functional mat

Encouraging you to both sweats it out hard and take time to breathe, a double-sided yoga mat is a multi-functional product that will get you into a great overall shape. One side is designed to cushion the impact of your jumps, like burpees. The other side is designed to ensure you can stand strong when doing warrior one during your yoga class. This double-sided mat means that you will certainly get into great shape as it will encourage you to diversify your workouts—which is what your body needs to get the best results.

3. A foam roller

Recovery is so important guys! That is why we’ve included it in the list. While just using a foam roller will probably not get you into amazing shape alone, it will help your body recover from the other workouts you do. This is important because too often when we feel sore and tired we don’t want to workout. So using a foam roller will minimize those feelings and ensure that instead, we can stay consistent with our workout plans and truly gain big strides towards getting into phenomenal shape! So don’t neglect the workout recovery products as well, because they play a big role in your overall fitness results.

4. A fitness watch

Do you need an actual reminder to workout and get your butt into shape? Getting a fitness watch is a great way to ensure that you don’t take too many rest days! The watch will buzz when you haven’t gotten enough steps or movement in for the day. It is a subtle yet aggressive enough reminder for many of us to get moving and sweating—because no one wants to continually get buzzed at all day long!

5. A boxing bag

This year has been hard so far and many of us have extra aggression we want to get out of our system. Getting a boxing bag is an amazing way to get into shape—just look at how toned and fit boxers are! The workouts on a boxing bag are simple yet extremely effective. And it feels darn good to hit the bag too!

These five workout products are a sure way to keep up motivated to get into great shape and take control of 2021! What workout product will you use first?