5 Things You Need to Know about the Future of Web Design

By  //  March 30, 2021

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Web design is where numerous various skills are utilized to produce and maintain websites. Web design has different areas, such as authoring, search engine optimization, user interface design, and graphic design, among others.

Nowadays, you can find the internet everywhere you go. Web design is growing exponentially with the growth of technology.

Thus, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with it; however, it is not recommendable to blindly follow web design trends without knowing their benefits. The future of web design is bright and intelligent.

Here are five things you need to know about the future of web design:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence makes computers able to do tasks that usually need human intelligence, such as decision-making and speech recognition.

We can already see it in software programs such as Apple’s Siri that incorporate language programming to learn how we use language thus increasing its accuracy. Artificial intelligence and machine learning help curb the already high and still rising number of cyber-crime attacks.

Businesses and corporations are currently dependent on humans for security, but it is inconvenient since they are not always available and have a margin for error.

This new trend is something that web designers will improve on since it is always available and highly effective. There are artificial intelligence technologies that can already detect up to 80% of cyber-criminals before they make their move; thus, it is a safe bet that this trend will be huge in web design.

Internet of Things

The use of merging technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, and the Internet of things is an upcoming trend in web design and is predicted to become even more popular.

The Internet of things is simply about connectivity to our surroundings and gaining information about the things around us to help us utilize them better. The best way for you to incorporate the Internet of things is through cloud connectivity.

It is evident that the Internet of things has already been incorporated in applications such as exercise, biometrics, and nutrition trackers. They can enhance your body operations by cross-referencing information available to them, such as your heart rate and meals. They are even able to detect allergies and other issues that one may have.

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Voice Search

Almost everybody owns a smartphone in the developed world, and voice search has become very popular among its uses.

Therefore, web development companies should include voice search when building websites since the world is shifting to more voice control than manual operation of smart devices. For example, you are currently able to search for directions or a recipe for particular foods without touching your smartphone or even look at the screen.

Web development application developers and digital marketing, such as search engine optimization, need to incorporate this feature in their websites in the future for optimization.

It is definitely something that will define the future and we can see that most of the major technology giants such as Google, Apple, and Microsoft have already incorporated it in their websites and apps.

Responsive Web Development

The majority of people prefer to visit websites whose display fits correctly on their chosen device, especially mobile phones.

The prediction is that 80% of the people will stop visiting websites that do not autofit their device for those that display well on their devices; therefore, web developers are encouraged to develop websites with this feature for the future.

Although it is in high demand, this trend in web design has a flaw because it is rather exhausting developing various websites for various gadgets,

The Disappearance of Passwords and Pins

Due to the prevalent cases of cyber-crimes, passwords have adopted many rules like it must have at least eight characters, have a lowercase and uppercase, a digit or a symbol; most times, it has to adhere to all of the rules above. Users, therefore, sometimes have a problem remembering all the passwords.

It is no wonder that the leading popular password in the United States is ‘password,’ paving the way for identity theft. Web application development services have adopted advanced biometrics for online transactions and identity regimes such as fingerprints and facial recognition to correct this.

As a web development company, you should consider incorporating these means of identity establishment into websites you develop in the future.

The future of web design centers on making its users happy and reducing the workload. Web designers should keep this in mind.