Best Delta 8 Carts: Top THC Vape Cartridges of 2021

By  //  March 14, 2021

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Delta 8 is one of the hottest trends in the hemp industry today, and we see no reason why it doesn’t deserve the spot. Think about it as Delta 9’s brother. It is stemmed from hemp, but unlike cannabidiol, it is psychoactive. That means you can get high by taking it.

There are different consumption methods for Delta 8 THC, with vape cartridges as the most popular and convenient among the rest. It delivers instant effects, too, which is an attractive benefit. Just take a puff, gain health benefits, and worry nothing.

Here, we’re eager to introduce 3 of the trusted brands, which can be your next favorite Delta 8 cart.

Top 3 Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges:

■Diamond CBD – Organically Raised Hemp

■ 3Chi – Pocket-Friendly Price

■ Boston Hempire – Premium-Quality CBD Products

How Did We Choose the Top Delta 8 Brands?

Just as choosing a dietary supplement, in-depth research must be done to ensure a reliable product. You cannot get offhand, or else your pocket and health will suffer. It’s crucial to understand that not all Delta 8 THCs are created alike.

One of the most popular ways of administering is in the form of vape & cartridges . We have reviewed the best Delta 8 Carts article that can help you to get the best effects and benefits you are looking for. Sitting and scorching each product is not everyone’s cup of tea, which is why we’ve done the job for you.

Here also, We created a list of a few critical questions during the selection process. These helped us highlight the best from the substandard.

■ Are the ingredients 100% organic and natural? You want to make sure the Delta 8 cart is free from harmful ingredients or unwanted extras when shopping online, we suggest reading the label thoroughly. If something seems skeptical, don’t hesitate to seek assistance.

■ Is the hemp grown in a trusted farm location? The US is usually the so-called standard in growing hemp plants due to strict regulations implemented in the country.

■ Are the products tested and certified by an independent laboratory? CBD companies work with a third-party lab to check all their products. It gives consumers peace of mind concerning their investment.

■ Is the COA or Certificate of Analysis readily available on the website? A reputable brand does not hesitate to reveal even the tiniest details about its products. It should be easily accessible online through their site. COA contains the breakdown of each ingredient, so you get to know how much you are consuming.

■ What are customers saying about the brand/product? Reviews are everywhere, including on the company’s official website. Not all of them are genuine, though, so we made sure to focus on this part.

There are some cases where ingredients and COA are not published online. If that’s your case, you can email or contact the company directly to feed up the much-needed information you want.

Best Delta 8 Carts On The Market:

These products/brands are notable in the hemp market for their efficient and safe use. They have been a go-to option for quality Delta 8 carts – thoroughly hand-picked and verified before adding to the website.

#1. Diamond Delta 8 CBD Vape Cartridge – Organically Raised Hemp

Diamond CBD has been ruling out the industry since 2015 with its premium-grade, one-size-fits-all range of products. In fact, it owns ten of the top products on the online market, with Delta 8 CBD Vape Cartridge as one of them. It is a name to trust if you’re searching for esteemed CBD extracts. Diamond CBD is currently serving thousands of happy consumers worldwide.

The included Delta 8 in the vape cartridge is a 100% legal cannabinoid. It only emits mild psychoactive effects – enough to make you high as a resort to relaxing your mind. The vape is made with propylene glycol (PG) and kosher vegetable glycerin (VG).

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Organic & Pure:

All the hemp used for producing the products is GMO-free. It is organically raised and sourced from regulated farms in Scandinavia, Kentucky, & Colorado. This information alone can give you assurance about the cartridge quality and purity. Cannabidiol is carefully extracted using the highest standard, which is called the supercritical CO2 process.

Extensive Lab Reports:

Diamond CBD has one of the most comprehensive third-party lab tests you will ever see in a CBD shop. The brand practices transparency, which is a good indication of a fussy buyer. Just key in the batch number or product name in the search tab, and you’ll immediately find the lab report.


■ All Delta 8 THC products are made in the USA, which speaks a lot about the quality degree

■ The team is composed of scientists and medical professionals

■ Diamond CBD sources natural hemp from strictly regulated farms

■ You can purchase cartridges in different strength ranges and brands, including Chill Plus

■ Positive reviews not only from customers but also from leading names like CNBC & Leafy

■ The company regularly offers promotion and discounted rates for its CBD products


The company only ships within the US, so those living outside the country may not enjoy the cart’s nourishing puff

While the lab report is clear-cut, there’s some information unavailable, such as the contaminants

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#2. 3Chi Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge – Pocket-Friendly Price

With a 3Chi Delta 8 cart, you’ll get to experience the nice taste and great hits. It delivers instant effects. It contains 5 percent natural terpenes and 95 percent hemp-derived 8THC. Available in 1ml & .5ml. You can expect a soothing and uplifting effect once you take a few wafts. No cutting agent included, such as vitamin E, PEG, and VG. Only all-organic ingredients. You can choose from the amount of extract, whether 500mg or 1000mg.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of 3Chi Delta 8 Cart

Hardware & Taste:

One best thing about 3Chi Delta 8 is its efficiency through the use of TH2 CELL carts. The coil is ceramic with a glass tank. CCELL is a reputable company that never fails to deliver quality items, which is a plus point. You have one puff for every session or serving size.

The taste is something to pine for – a little bit of sweetness. 3Chi is one of the decent tasting vape carts you can have. Regarding the intoxication effect, is it mellow and high. Large numbers of people claim that it will give you a delightful high to stay limpid, focused, and motivated. Additionally, it doesn’t produce a sense of mistiness.

Variety of Vape Cartridges:

With 3Chi, there’s something for your palate. Choose from Blue Dream, Caribbean Dream, Gelato, Green Crack, OG Kush, Ice Cream Cake, Pineapple Express, Lemon Gelato, Strawberry Napalm, and a lot more. Among the medical benefits include promoting healthy sleep cycles, lowering stress levels, and improving relaxation. It can mitigate symptoms of depression and anxiety as well.


■ Very concentrated, pure vape product

■ Equally intense; top-quality ingredients

■ Choose from a diverse selection of Delta 8 vape carts

■ Independent lab results are published for consumer’s reference

■ Provides reliable shipping options with pocket-friendly price tags


■ No international shipping indicated on the website, only consumers living in the US

■ Not the smoothest Delta 8 cartridge; some may find it coarse on the throat, especially for those not yet habituated with CBD products

■ The effects do not tend to last longer

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#3. Boston Hempire Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges – Premium-Quality CBD Products

It is an American-based company that focuses on premium-quality CBD products, making it one of the biggest hemp marketplaces. Other than vape carts, it also offers a wide array of CBD products, including wraps and topical creams. The hemp flower from which it sources the products are entirely legal and derived from a dependable farm in Colorado.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Boston Hempire Delta 8 Cart

Available in an array of variants & flavors:

Currently, Boston Hempire offers Delta 8 cartridges in six variants. The Blue Dream, AK Therapy, and Gorilla Blue have gelato flavor. The Blue Ice & Mango, as their names emphasize, boast mint and fruit scent. Lastly, you have Jack Herrer with an aroma obtained from its namesake strain.

Quality products with therapeutic benefits:

The cannabinoid-infused vape cart has a potent dose of Delta 8 THC. All variants provide the highest and newest hemp benefits. Users often describe the effect as blissful, ecstatic, and creative. Puffing the vape cart could aid with sleep and focus, too. It contains a total cannabinoid amount of 968mg.

Like other products listed here, Boston Hempire cartridges have one gram size, which consists of more than 92 percent THC Sativa strains. You can trust the brand’s source of hemp. The vapes are 100% safe, powerful, and lab-tested. It is also indicated on the website that it maintains a legal D-8 limit of 0.3 percent.

The 510 thread size means you’ll have a flatter taste, which will always leave you feeling relaxed and peaceful.


■ All products are natural and organic

■ Clear laboratory reports; readily available when you click the product

■ Offers quick, free shipping worldwide once you purchase orders worth $99 or above

■ Get discounted rates or coupon codes to reduce your total cost


■ Only limited information about the brand, its team, and product descriptions

■ Boston Hempire is available in 6 variants, which is lesser compared to similar brands

■ As soon as you purchase the product, you cannot return it for replacement or refund; so be picky before placing an order

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Must Read Before Buying Delta 8 THC:

Hundreds of product versions bombard our online searches. Determining which is safe and best to consume depends on several essential factors, and we will tackle them each here.


We have mentioned that hemp produced in the USA is recommended mostly by CBD users. Well, take it from their experience! The extracts are toxin-free and remain in their purest forms. Manufacturers take necessary steps from planting and growing to harvest. To further ensure cartridge goodness, they don’t contain condensing agents besides diluents, thickeners, and stuffings.


Other than the Delta 8 THC, look for other ingredients present in the formula. As a rule of thumb, the cartridge should only include THC distillate and terpenes – nothing else. Avoid extras such as vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. These can cause harm to your body organs.


You would know the Delta 8 cart is a premium-grade if it gives a light pinkish or clear yellow liquid appearance. The color must be transparent and clear. Any tinted or dark colors should be avoided, such as red and purple.

Manufacturing Process

Delta 8 THC is relatively new for some. As a newbie trying to have a raw taste of hemp, you should be mindful of how your cartridge is processed. The company usually provides ample information about how they manufacture their vapes. The use of bleach to alter color is never a safe option, so pay attention to this.

Third-Party Testing

The only accurate way to know you are getting an authentic and high-quality Delta 8 is through lab reports. It is from an unbiased independent testing facility that supplies neutral info about the product. It should indicate the Delta 8’s strength and potency level, along with the analysis of hemp components.


One admirable benefit of vape cartridges is that you have full control of how you want your vaping experience to be. They come in different variants. Choose the flavor and size as per your liking.

Company Reputation

A brand with higher customer reviews is always preferable as it equates to credibility. Of course, make sure the positive reviews rule the page. But it doesn’t necessarily mean you should avoid less popular brands, especially those still making a name in the hemp market. Be sure their website is full of informational pieces.


Beware of the companies trying to dupe you with their too-good-to-be-true or sweet offerings. Most Delta 8 carts are pricey. Going cheap is practical, no doubt. However, you might be spending a lot more money than you think!


Q. What is Delta 8 and how does it differ from other hemp compounds?

Delta 8 is also called hemp-derived THC, D8THC, D8, and Delta 8 Distillate, so don’t be confused in case. There are other related names associated with it.

As we have indicated above, Delta 8 is a cannabinoid with psychoactive effects. It claims to get you high without the anxiety, hallucinations, or paranoia. The “8” in its name signifies the chemical bond arrangement. It could be obtained from any cannabis plant through several approaches – removal, processing, and special breeding.

Delta 8 vs. Delta 9

Both are derived from the same plant and will make you stoned. But talking about potency, Delta 8 is considered to have a milder impact. Multiple claims point out that it is smoother and has more medicinal effects compared to Delta 9. According to the National Cancer Institute, Delta 8 only shows psychotropic strength at a low level, plus it connects to the human brain receptor in a different manner.

Moreover, Delta 8 is one of the most tricky cannabinoids to root out for research and ingestion. It is a rare compound you’ll ever find. In fact, most cannabis consists of barely one percent of the substance.

As for the drug test, there are no discrepancies found. Regardless of the amount you consumed, it will result in a positive test. Speaking about legality, Delta 9 is federally prohibited. Delta 8 is currently approved by some states for personal consumption, including the United States.

Delta 8 vs. CBD

These two compounds appear to deliver a soothing, relaxing effect. However, we cannot totally say they are similar. Unlike Delta 8, CBD has no resemblance of any form for the CB1 & CB2 neuroreceptors. It acts as an opponent to these brain receptors. And apparently, CBD is non-psychoactive, which is the opposite of Delta 8 THC.

Q. Is Delta 8 Carts Legal?

Yes, this compound is deemed legal, but as indicated earlier, only in some countries. Thanks to the officially recognized 2018 Farm Bill. The law specifies that everything in the hemp components is approved to use, including Delta 8.

However, to make the compound entirely legal, it should only contain 0.3 percent THC in all. Going beyond is not tolerable and could be confiscated by the government authority. Also, it must have originated from a federally-authorized hemp plant.

Almost 50 states offer Delta 8 THC in all forms. These include gummies and edibles, other than vaping. They are distributed and sold over state margins. While the US is keen on adopting hemp plants particularly for medicinal use, some of its capitals still condemn the idea, including:

■ Colorado

■ Idaho

■ Mississippi

■ Arizona

■ Alaska

■ Montana

■ Utah

■ Delaware

■ Arkansas

■ Iowa

■ Rhode Island

Let’s say you live in a state where marijuana is banned. You can still order Delta 8 cartridge online and get it delivered straight to your front door. Not to mention anonymity is secured. But even though Delta 8 is legal and safe to consume, you have to practice privacy.

Keep informed about the cannabis law in your local government before buying or consuming a product. You cannot use it in public, especially if your country doesn’t acknowledge cannabis and its obscured benefits yet.

The retailer you’re going to buy Delta 8 cart from plays a crucial role in your safety – both in consuming cannabis and identity secrecy. Our top picks above guarantee that your package is fully legal and safe to exploit. You can focus on all the benefits you will receive for every puff without worrying about anything.

The future of hemp-derived THC seems quite hazy for now, but we’ll never know what will happen next, just as the cannabis legalization put people in a mild shock and enthusiasm at the same time. According to public demand, Delta 8 might be the next to gain mainstream attention we can look forward to in the next few years.

Q. Does Delta 8 help with Anxiety? 

Some of you may still have a bit of hesitation trying this hemp-derived plant due to the idea of getting intoxicated. Sure, Delta 8 is not as prevalent as Delta 9, THC, CBD, or other cannabinoids. However, it can produce its own potent benefits.

A few studies reveal that Delta 8 can also benefit your body in various ways. While the data is quite limited, they appear to be promising. Following are the supposed health benefits of puffing a Delta 8-stocked cartridge.

Relieve Pain & Inflammation

Analgesics interrupt the communication line between your nerves and brain. As a result, generic pain and inflammation are effectively eliminated. The Cannabinoid & Cannabis Research Journal conducted a study showing Delta 8’s potential to cure discomfort, generally when used in a tropical form alongside CBD.

Reduce Nausea related Symptoms

Thanks to Delta 8’s antiemetic properties, people with mild to severe nausea can use the cart to ease the symptom. It is specifically helpful for those undergoing cancer treatment. About eight pediatric cancer patients were administered with the substance for more than two years. There were no cases of vomiting subsequently.

It is safe to consume. Even children (aged 3 to 13 years old) who took medicine only experienced minimal side effects. It is indicated in a 1995 study published by Life Sciences.

Improve Appetite

According to this 2004 study, even a low dosage quantity of Delta 8 can improve mental function and appetite. And when compared to its brother Delta 9, D8THC causes higher effects of appetite simulation.

Acts as Neuroprotector

The Alcohol & Drug Research performed a study on mice, and it reveals another incredible thing about D-8’s capacity as a hemp plant. It boasts neuroprotective compounds; therefore, making it useful for inhibiting and reversing memory issues such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Prevent Tumor Growth

And did you know that D8THC can prevent the growth of tumors? A 2013 study of the National Cancer Institute attests to this information. It can also aid with cancer treatment.

Aside from these proven benefits, Delta 8 is believed to have soothing properties to help with anxiety. According to anecdotal accounts, taking the hemp-derived plant can promote a lucid and tranquil mind.

Obesity and overweight seem an interminable global problem, and this compound could be of assistance too. The Pharmacology Biochemistry & Behavior carried out a study consisting of mice to examine the effect of Delta 8 on food intake. The conclusion states that low dosages of this THC can be a curative instrument to manage weight.

Q. What are the Side Effects of Delta 8 THC?

The notable concern about Delta 8 is its ability to get you high since it is a psychoactive compound. But as we always say, it is not as bad as Delta 9. In a nutshell, D8THC must be safe to use and not induce undesirable effects.

It is well-tolerated, though you might experience some symptoms similar to using CBD, such as fatigue and drowsiness. Redness of the eyes is also visible, especially when you take potent amounts. It is recommended to consult with a medical professional before anything else.

People under prescription treatment, lactating mothers, pregnant women, and anyone younger than 18 years old should hold back from using it. And while it has been tested to treat cancer and memory problems, a physician’s consent is still proposed.

The most substantial side effects reported are increased blood pressure, congested blood vessels, and varying heart speed.

Increased blood pressure

A study conducted on animals discovered that Delta 8, along with Delta 9, can cause a significant blood pressure drop.

Congested blood vessels

No studies are showing the cannabinoid plant can block human blood vessels. It is considered a direct result of combining the plant with other opiates – either large amounts of THC or alcohol. That’s why you need professional assistance to inform how much you need to consume and how to manage each dosage.

Varying heart speed 

This 2018 study affirms that humans and animals have an erratic effect on taking THC. Humans experienced an increase in heart rate, while animals took the reverse side.

Q. Does Delta 8 make you high?

In general, Delta 8 cartridge provides the same effect as Delta 9, but at a reduced concentration level and minor side effects. It links to CB1 and CB2 to regulate blood pressure, mood, hormones, and other relevant body functions.

What this plant will give you is an enjoyable high. Take appropriate restrictions and worry less. Remember that your body is too sensitive, so excessive consumption is a no-no. There are also no specific strains that are high in Delta 8 THC; hence, be aware of that. All live cannabis plants typically contain a small amount of Delta 8.

There is no standard dosage. The general guideline is to start with the lowest amount and dose for at least a few weeks. Monitor how your body responds to the cannabinoid before adjusting your intake level.

As for storage, be sure to keep your cartridge in a dark, cool place – away from direct sunlight or heat. This way, you are retaining its purity and potency. Putting the cart in a refrigerator is not necessarily needed. Maintain its vertical placement to avoid potential leakage.

In Conclusion: Are Delta 8 Carts Good?

Delta 8 still has a long way to go before totally decriminalizing its usage. For now, there’s no reason not to try it, and one pleasant way is through vaping.

If you don’t mind the psychoactive effect, then go ahead and check this review to know more about the best Delta 8 carts and to choose from and see for yourself, which brand works the best for you! Diamond CBD, 3Chi, and Boston Hempire are the brands that are the healthy alternatives to chemical-based products. They will make you happy, calm, relaxed, motivated, and act as a stress-reliever.