Best Universe Quotes That’ll Broaden Your Imagination     

By  //  March 30, 2021

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The universe is a stellar and magnificent continuum of stars, planets, and galaxies that one cannot help but ponder upon the vastness of it. This helps to put our things into perspective and makes us think about how marvelous and ethereal our world is. 

It is full of captivating secrets and just thinking about the enormity of it makes us realize our significance and puts things into perspective. Following are enlisted some of the Universe Quotes to make you feel inspired and shoot for the stars. 

“The universe surrenders to the man who is still” – Lao Tzu

Starting our list of Universe Quotes with this famous quote by Lao Tzu, an eminent philosopher. ‘The universe surrenders’ refers to the surrendering of our desires and wishes. We often tend to fight our desires, rebel against them.

We even make them overpower us. On the other hand, if we let our desires float by without paying them any attention, we will feel at peace with our inner self. Hence, our nonchalant attitude and stillness make us feel at ease. That is why our stillness is equated with the surrender of the universe. Probably one day, when we explore the universe, we will understand better. 

“Follow your bliss, and the universe will open doors where there were only walls”- Joseph Campbell

This quote focuses on the various blessings the universe has in store for us but we often fail to look at them and start worrying about the things that are in front of us. T

his can be explained as when we are walking on a crumpled pathway, we keep our eyes glued to the floor, looking for cracks so that we might not trip over them. In this quest, we might walk far away from our destination, miss out on the amazing buildings and the astonishing faces of people.

On the contrary, if we would have ignored the minimal issue and looked straight ahead, we would have reached our destination on time, enjoyed the pleasant view of buildings, and watched people going about their journey.

The thing is that doors are always there that we can either open (bliss) or let them remain close (walls). They can be either be quitting a job you dislike and pursuing the one you like (bliss), public speaking, or even dealing with a friend who betrayed you.

We should always count our blessings and be grateful for everything. If we won’t take a step ahead and open the door, we would remain locked behind the doors forever. 

“The Earth is the holiest place in the universe. Loving the Earth and loving life is the way to generate positive vibrations” – Amit Ray

In today’s fast-paced world, we tend to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life.

In all this chaos, we forget that there is a vivid world around us. A beautiful world we take for granted. We should stop for a while, take a look around us, appreciate the magnificence of mother-nature and should get inspired by it. We should appreciate our earth since “loving the earth and loving life is the way to generate positive vibrations.” 

“Universe has your back, so use your powers of manifestation” – Gabrielle Bernstein

We often tend to fall into a vicious cycle of self-doubt. We are often manifesting and blame ourselves and dispense negative energy. When we don’t believe in ourselves, we tend to attract bad experiences that make us fall even more into the well of self-blame.

On the other hand, if we believe in ourselves, think positive things, we will have a better outlook on life and feel even better than we were feeling before. Our positive energy would manifest into a positive experience. Therefore, if we use our power of positive manifestation, the world will surely have our back. 

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” – Paulo Coelho

This world-famous quote emphasizes our strong belief in achieving something. When we truly want something, we spend every minute thinking about it, we start imagining it and in our minds, we have already achieved it. This firm belief leads us to achieve it.


After reading the aforementioned Universe Quotes, you would have felt a huge sense of belonging. If you ever find yourself doubting, go through these quotes and remember that before you question yourself, know that all these doubts are made in your mind and they have little to no significance if you ignore them and start focusing on the positive side.

These quotes make us ponder upon the enormity of the universe and help us in thinking out of the box. These will help you achieve a level of calmness and peace, and will answer your contemplations.