All You Need to Know About Corporate Headshots 

By  //  March 26, 2021

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A corporate headshot is simply a semi-close-up photo of someone’s face. It is much simpler and more formal than usual headshots. It is used in professional circles by almost everyone, from business people to actors. It is used in a range of places, from portfolios to companies’ websites. 

Quality corporate headshots are essential, especially in the modern digital world, and their impact could be the difference between you landing your job or client or losing out.

Why you need corporate headshots

There are several reasons why it is prudent to consider a professional corporate headshot. These reasons include;

A corporate headshots helps create a great first impression. 

A quality corporate headshot creates an excellent first impression. It helps you look like the professional you are. Clients and recruiters do not have the time to go through numerous resumes and cover letters that are often generic. Your photo can help you make the shortlist by the impression it creates. If people do not like what they see, then they will not choose you.

It establishes a better connection. 

Much worse than people finding a poor picture is finding none. Names are many, and as you have established, much of the written work may not have unique selling points. With a photo, you put a face to the name, and your clients and potential recruiters know they are dealing with a person.

It makes you relatable and leaves a lasting impression that helps create a better connection with the target audience.

It shows your commitment. 

The quality of your photo demonstrates your commitment and how much you regard yourself and your work. A proper corporate headshot will show you are willing to invest and commit to yourself and your work.

You can use it everywhere.

Corporate headshots are at home in a range of social media platforms and even traditional media. You can use them on websites, all your social media platforms, on articles you publish, and on your email accounts. They also work on business cards, flyers, and even billboards. They help you create a reliable and professional look on all channels.

LinkedIn / Standard Headshots.

LinkedIn headshot, these headshots are simple and they are the most popular of all the corporate headshots that are taken. The photographer usually uses simple, soft light to capture a strong, professional image. The personality for these types of headshots is usually a friendly, natural smile.

Team headshots

These headshots are similar to the standard headshots but these will include your colleagues at work. Most offices often have a web page that helps the customer identify the staff. A corporate team headshot gives a business a more professional look.

Presenter / Speaker Headshots

Presenter/ speaker headshots are a little different. The images are more personality-based and usually resemble a portrait. These corporate headshots act as marketing material to display your personality and expertise for a particular event or keynote. Here, the lighting is diverse to match the mood you’d like to create. For instance, if you want to look inviting and jovial, something with less intense shadows and a big smile will make you stand out. However, if you are tackling a more serious topic, go dramatic.

Allows you to communicate more about yourself

When clients visit your site or recruiters your social media accounts, the headshots communicate more about yourself. It can show your focus, your warmth, and even a positive outlook. People want to work and be served by people they can trust. Corporate headshots help portray this in this positive light.

Choosing what to wear on your corporate headshots

One of the crucial yet most misunderstood aspects when taking corporate headshots is what to wear for the shoot. Your dressing not only has to convey your professionalism, but it should not overshadow your face. There are also other artistic aspects it should build towards for an overall quality headshot. When picking your outfit for corporate headshots, the following items are crucial;

■ The style

■ How the outfit fits you

■ Accessories you will use.

■ The color, patterns, and texture of the outfits


The general rule here is to wear as you would usually dress for work. You want to be neat, formal and portray confidence and professionalism.

For men, the best choice would be a well-fitting suit jacket and a matching tie. A classic suit-and-tie look is also excellent. Some may opt to leave the tie behind, but it makes you look less professional. If you choose to maintain this look, then do not use it with a sports coat; instead, use a suit jacket. It will make you look like you were dressing down.

Women work well with collarless outfits, so avoid stand-up collars. A V-neck, boat neck, or crew neck outfit is best and looks excellent in photographs. They are also flattering, bringing the best of you.

How the outfit fits you 

Ill-fitting shirts and jackets will spoil any photograph, leave alone a corporate photograph. For men, a shirt is a good fit if it leaves no gap between the collar and the neck’s back. For ladies, anything baggy or low-cut is a bad look.

Ideally, you should not cover your neck and avoid any shiny or shiny attire. Tops with sleeves work best and where possible, top it up with a well-fitting suit jacket.

The color, patterns, and textures of your outfit

These three elements are vital to making your headshot stand out. The general idea is to play safe and not go flashy. While this is true, you should also not be too safe and use overworn colors like plain black and white. White especially makes your headshot dull unless you have an exciting tie that compensates for it.

Men can explore colors such as green, pink, and sky blue for their shirts. These colors flatter your skin tone more, adding the appeal of your headshot. Texture makes headshot layout attractive so let your suit jackets have more of it. Choose the tweed jacket of linen ones and pick lighter colors than navy or black.

Ladies should go for colors that complement their skin tone. Jewel tones are an excellent idea, but you can still pick earthly hues like brown, jungle green, and grey. Even as you dress mostly, find points that accentuate your headshot, like using colors that highlight your eyes.


Too much jewelry or even single large pieces draw attention away from your face, which works against having a headshot. Ties are excellent accessories for men, along with pocket squares. Make sure you know how to tie a proper knot or have someone do it for you.

Other essential aspects regarding your outfits for a corporate headshot include;

■ Have as many outfits as four, each distinctly different beyond just colors. The variety gives you and the photographer options.

■ Dress the character you want to present, whether it is a medical professional, a CEO, a friendly salesperson, an excellent chef, etc.

■ Keep your headshot outfits lean and well pressed. Ideally, you should not wear them on your way to the session.

Tips for looking great in a corporate headshot 

Beyond your outfits, you can also increase the appeal of your headshots by using the following tips;

Avoid a shiny skin look, especially under studio lighting. Ladies can use some concealer as part of the make-up, while men can wash their faces before the shoot or use a wet wipe. It also adds freshness to your look.

Ensure your hair is neat, smooth, and flowing, especially for ladies. You can take time and brush it properly while at the scene for the shoot.

Ideally, it would help if you did not have glasses on when taking headshots unless you usually have them when meeting people. Even then, ensure they are clean and the frames well brushed. Also, push them back as they can go to avoid them covering your eyes when they drop forward.

Put your best side forward. If you know which side looks best for you in photographs, work with that. If you have any features that you are self-conscious about, let the photographer know beforehand. For example, if you are not confident about your teeth, you can smile with your mouth closed.

Keep a positive posture. Have your back straight and do not cross your arms or pocket them. You want to exude confidence and warmness.

Corporate headshots are a window people see you through before meeting you. Having them is essential to your career or business, so invest well in time and effort. Find a professional and experienced photographer and share ideas, including what you want.

When correctly done, a corporate headshot pays many times over and is the perfect introduction of you to your clients.  Getting a corporate headshot in San Diego, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, NYC, and any big metropolis is the best way to market yourself in business, as a realtor, banker, or a LinkedIn headshot for your business profile.