Easy and Home-Made Recipes

By  //  March 16, 2021

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Every child at home starts to play with kitchen utensils at an early age because cooking is an interesting and very delightful art. The pleasure of cooking is when you serve and get comments about your recipe.

People are now excited to try new recipes at home not only for a healthy wallet but also for a healthy life.

The taste may differ from one person to another, but trying different food stink to the senses. Every individual will have the memory of helping their mom while cooking.

We all have the memory of cooking with mom in our childhood. Everyone’s favourite recipes will be their mom’s or grandparent’s. Home-made food is the best option to get a healthy life easily.

Easy Cooking for Kids

When it comes to teaching a child about cooking, the first lesson should be about kitchen safety measures.

This will help them in safely handling hot vessels and stoves. When they start to help you in cooking, they will be active at mealtime. Cooking helps your kids to improve their math concepts like measurement, counting and scaling. They would get to experience different tastes and flavors.

Make them help you in planning for dinner which will increase the family interaction. Make them pick the vegetables from the market to gain more knowledge about groceries and veggies.

Teach them with cleaning plates, kneading dough, tearing onion, and rinsing vegetables. Then make them cook simple food which will not require oven-like salad, juices, and Bread chats. If they are well trained and ready to cook then try with omelettes, toasting bread, and puddings.

Beginners Basics

People are always busy and they don’t have enough time to cook something with their kids, but now that is changing. People are motivated to cook at home, by trying new recipes. Cooking new recipes is very exciting and makes you feel relaxed.

If you are Beginner, you will get to learn new easy recipes through browsing. There are millions of recipes out there to explore. You don’t have to prepare something stunning and profligate, sometimes the simplest recipes are the most delicious ones.

A wise idea is to plan and prepare things prior. Some examples as follows:

■ In a busy week make a schedule priorly for every day with a pre-planned recipe.

■ Once your list is ready, pick a day to shop in your schedule.

■ Choose the easiest recipes and save them in the file.

■ Look for the foods that work in a few different dishes.

■ Chop your vegetables and marinate your meat. Once the prepped vegetables are done pack them in a container store them in the fridge.

Easy breakfast recipes for Beginners

 Omelette Recipe:

It seems that the French have invented the omelet. Take 2 or more eggs depending on your need and beat them well. Take a pan keep it in medium flame and melt the butter in it. Add the beaten egg to the pan, a pinch of salt, and filling. Cook for a minute and fold the omelet.

Make A Salad:

A great salad is a mix of fresh ingredients with delicious toppings to give it a new texture. There are so many nutritious greens you can use in a salad. Pick the greens you like and mix them with your favorite grains.

Spice things by adding parsley, basil, mint. Load up on veggies that are low in calories but are high in nutrients. If you want you can add fruits or more proteins like chicken, tofu, and hardboiled eggs. No salad is complete without dressing with any nuts and oil.

Make A Pancake:

In ancient Greece and Rome, Pancakes are made with Buckwheat and Cornmeal. Early Americans made with wheat and olive oil. Now Pancakes are made with flour, milk, and egg. Crack egg in a small bowl, beat it well. In a large bowl add flour, baking soda, sugar, and salt.

Stir the blend and then add the beaten egg. Heat the griddle in the medium flame, add small drops of oil, and pour a half cup of batter. Leave it for a minute and flip them with a spatula. Then remove the pancake and serve them with syrup.


If you want to make things better, we recommend you try home cooking for a healthier life. Home cooking increases the bond between the family members. Cooking will help you get a healthy and fit body without spending too much money and time on it.