European Golden Visa Program: Search for Your Home Online

By  //  March 18, 2021

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The European Golden Visa is a document that not everyone can obtain after completing the procedure. It is, in a few words, a visa that allows you to reside in Europe for very long periods of time and to work without inconveniences.

There are alternative programs to obtain it. In some countries, you can obtain residence or citizenship through the investment of a sum of money. This is known as the golden visa.

The investment requirements vary from country to country. However, in almost all cases it is required:

■ The acquisition of a real estate property quoted in a certain range.

■ To invest in shares or companies that are active.

■ To have a specific amount of money in investment funds.

■ Having received large amounts of money through bank deposits.

Which passes fall under this program and which do not?

The first residence permits with golden visas came into effect in 1984 in the Caribbean region. Later Canada was annexed in 1986 and the United States in 1990. Later, other nations of the world supported the initiative.

According to Transparency International data, more than 20 countries offer the possibility of the golden visa. Some of them are European: Spain, Greece, Malta, Latvia, Lithuania, Monaco, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Austria, Portugal, Luxembourg, Holland and Ireland.

A lesser-known place is St Kitts and Nevis (St Kitts and Nevis, are a small piece of land in the Caribbean). It has one of the longest-running golden visa programs. They only require $250,000 in investment to become citizens almost immediately.

St. Lucia launched its citizenship by investment scheme in 2016. The amount that must be brought in, in economic activities is $300,000. Antigua and Barbuda and Dominica are added in the Caribbean. Hungary was included in this benefit between 2013 and 2017.

Real estate problems for new residents

As many of you know, it is always a complicated issue to get a location when you move to another country.

Those who get this benefit, usually face these issues:

■ Little information about the legal framework: foreigners do not possess in-depth knowledge about real estate laws. Sometimes, new residents make mistakes due to a lack of knowledge.

■ They do not know when to rent or buy: real estate prices are not static. Therefore, a previous analysis is required to determine the right time to make the contract.

■ The initial investment of the property: in general, there are inconveniences when buying or renting because it is necessary to have good capital. The conditions are usually detrimental to the client.

■ Lack of knowledge of locations: unless a location is very good or terrible, it is difficult for someone new to know how to choose the place where he/she is going to live. There is often great uncertainty in this regard because there are multiple factors to consider and doubts arise every second.

■ Real estate agency commissions: when people are worried, they tend to hire services to help them make decisions. However, real estate agency commissions are high.

■ Solutions that Frementa can offer you for rentals

Frementa’s website provides a reliable platform to save you from all the problems we have mentioned.

Below, we list solutions that could make the process easier for you:

1. No agency commissions: you receive all the help you require from our agents at no additional cost. We do not use intermediaries, so the process is not burdened with unpayable commissions.

2. Statistics center: you don’t know when to rent? We know that the market behaves unpredictably. That’s why we provide you with a tool to look at the data and determine the ideal moment.

3. Immediate results service: your rental search will be fast and efficient. Frementa’s automated systems allow you to find the property that best suits you. Enter your specifications and in a few seconds you will start to see personalized offers.

In which countries is Frementa located and what are its rates?

Currently, we offer our services in Costa Rica, Spain and Panama.

These are the plans and rates you can choose from:

■ Free: includes the publication of an ad in Coordination of potential clients, plus visits that fit your available schedule. You can organize yourself using the Google calendar and receive online offers.

■ Standard: has a monthly fee of $99. It provides all of the above. In addition, you will enjoy an immediate publication service, ads on three international websites and auto-renewal in 30 days. In addition, you will have two guides on how to sell intelligently.

■ Premium: you pay $250 monthly. You receive the standard plan plus the publication of your ad in 20 national and international websites. You will have access to social media campaigns, professional photos, preferential position, featured ad and an outdoor banner.

■ Frementa plus: for $29 per month and $1,950 commission per sale or rental we offer you the following. The above mentioned in the premium plan plus your ad published in 30 national and international portals. Frementa plus puts at your disposal a sales consultant just for you.

Why are they the best option?

Frementa is the best option you can hire on the web because it is a springboard to search and publish on websites of impeccable reputation. In any of the plans you select, you will be able to access recognized portals such as: Fotocasa, Habitaclia, Yaencontre,, OLX, Wallapop, Trovit among others.

As far as paperwork is concerned, you will not have to worry because we make a professional contract when you close the sale or rental of the property. We even take care of negotiating your property at the most competitive price.

If you are not good at advertising on the networks, you have come to the right place. We prepare your ad so that it has the highest possible visibility. We take professional quality photos and fine tune every detail of the marketing plan. But, what makes us stand out is that we save you $20,000 on average because we don’t charge commissions.

Final Considerations

Golden visas have been promoted as a strategy to call new investors, giving way to a contract where both sides benefit. Perhaps the biggest gains are for the receiving country as it is estimated that in 2014, 13% of Portugal’s gross income was thanks to foreign investment.

These processes help to mobilize the real estate market within nations. It is for such reasons that the need to hire an advisor has arisen. Offers grow, prices fluctuate and Frementa guides you in making decisions. Its platform is designed to provide the support you need to get your dream place without wasting your time and money.

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