Features and Strategies for Soccer Betting

By  //  March 20, 2021

No one doubts that soccer is the most popular sport. Naturally, bookmakers pay more attention to this sport. The soccer line is traditionally more extensive than other sports lines. Also, it has a more impressive action line; most often it has lower margins and much higher betting limits.

In this article together with Telecomasia.net, we will tell you what you need to know if you want to bet on soccer and, most importantly, not to be disappointed.

Advantages of betting on soccer:

1. High betting limits. Given that soccer is the most popular sport, the soccer line traditionally has the highest betting limits. Large offices give up to $10,000 – $50,000 for one match. It is often allowed to bet more even on the action line of important games than on the main outcomes of competitions in other sports.

2. Low margin. In conditions of tough competition, bookmakers are forced to overestimate the odds for soccer to the utmost to somehow stand out from the background of other offices. So, in many bookmakers, odds for soccer are 5-6 points higher than, for example, for hockey and volleyball.

3. Wide range of action lines. Whatever bookmaker we are talking about, its soccer line will certainly be larger than the size of the rest of the sections, and often combined. On the most important events, like the World Cup, Europa League or the Champions League, the list of one match can take two or three pages of the line, and in the list of offered types of bets, you can find the most diverse and unexpected offers, up to betting on which team will throw in the first touch.

4. A large number of broadcasts. Among other things, soccer is also the most broadcasted sport in the world. This means that you will be able to watch how your bet is live. Also, it allows you to react faster to events in the match and win through live betting.

5. The advantage of team sports. Soccer is played by 11 people from each team. This means that the impact of various unpleasant surprises, such as an athlete’s poor health or personal problems, is reduced by 11 times. That is why many experts consider betting on soccer less risky than on the same tennis.

Disadvantages of betting on soccer

1. A small number of profitable bets. Due to the increased popularity of betting on soccer, bookmaker analysts pay special attention to the setting of odds. This means that overestimated odds are rare in this sport.

2. Prompt reaction to changes in the pre-match calculations. This disadvantage occurs for the same reason that there are few values in the soccer lineup. The fact is that the bookmakers respond extremely quickly to any changes in the pre-match action line, including behind-the-scenes games, unexpected illnesses, injuries, etc.

What to pay attention to when choosing a bet

There is no single correct answer to the questions of how to bet on soccer and how to guess the outcome of a soccer match. However, collecting all the necessary information before the match will greatly facilitate the task.

Pre-match analysis and analysis of soccer matches is much easier than in tennis or singles sports, but this does not mean that it can be treated superficially. No matter what sport you want to bet on, pre-match analytics should be an integral part of any of your predictions.

The current shape of the opponents

As with any other sport, the current shape of the teams should be the key factor influencing your bet. To correctly assess the current condition of the team, it is best to watch the last few matches with its participation. If you do not have this opportunity, try referring to numbers.

Pay attention to the team’s recent home games if they are home, or previous away games if they are away. Estimate the similar indicators of the opponent. Watch the last three or four matches of each team, read official interviews with representatives of coaching staffs and leading footballers.

History of head-to-head encounters

Of course, no one has canceled the concept of a “difficult opponent” for soccer, and, therefore, you should familiarize yourself with this information. It often happens that after studying the history of confrontation, the view on a particular match changes exactly the opposite. Pay special attention to the face-to-face meetings of teams at home and away.

Tournament position and motivation

Motivation in sports has always been the engine of the result, and soccer is no exception. This is especially true for the Eastern European championships, where teams that have solved their problems have a habit of giving points to opponents experiencing tournament problems.

List of injured and disqualified

The main difference between soccer matches and matches in single sports is the need for a pre-match analysis of the teams’ lineups, or rather, the losses suffered by these teams: injuries, disqualifications, illnesses – all this should be taken into account in your prediction.

Match referee

Everything is important in soccer betting, so it would be foolish to neglect to analyze the referee’s style of officiating. It is important to compare the style of play of the teams with the referee’s style of officiating. Often it is difficult for rough teams to play under the supervision of strict referees, because frequent stoppages will take away the tempo of the game, and the occasional suspension will completely change the balance of power.