How to Maintain a Healthy Life Balance with Shalom Lamm

By  //  March 16, 2021

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Living as an adult in the 21st century can be extremely stressful at times. Constantly having to worry about paying bills, working hard and maintaining a positive social life. Even if someone has a day off from work, they are still panicking about paying rent or making sure their children are getting the best quality of life.

It seems like it is impossible to relax and just mentally take a break these days. This article is geared to help adults who are having trouble balancing all of life’s responsibilities while also enjoying spending time with their family and friends.

For real estate developer and entrepreneur, Shalom Lamm, he is a good example of someone who maintains the balance of life. He is the CEO of the nonprofit organization Operation Benjamin.

This organization’s mission is to help preserve the memories of the American-Jewish men and women who unfortunately lost their lives during World War II and were mistakenly buried under Latin crosses.

The company first started this mission when they heard the story of Private Benjamin Garadetsky. After losing his life, he was buried at the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial in France under a Latin Cross.

The team was dedicated to making the appropriate marker change and holding a proper Jewish burial for Garadetsky’s family members. It would mark their first of many success stories.

Lamm felt it was important to correct the mistakes that were made during that time and all of the paperwork surrounding the issue that was ignored.

When asked about how his organization is making a social impact in an interview with Medium, Lamm said, “The social impact Operation Benjamin is making is truly remarkable. What could possibly be more meaningful and sacrosanct than ensuring our nation’s heroes are afforded proper burials with tombstones reflecting their heritage?

“We specifically work on identifying fallen Jewish soldiers who were mistakenly buried under Latin crosses and replace their headstones with a Star of David. This ensures accurate and proper recognition of the fallen soldier’s identity and provides immense comfort to the families of the fallen. Needless to say, this also allows for the millions of visitors to the American Military Cemeteries to visually understand and appreciate the shared Jewish sacrifice in the causes of democracy and freedom.”

Based on this quote, it is clear that Lamm’s passion lies within the mission of the company and doing the honor of properly resembling the Jewish heritage over the fallen soldier’s graves.

By having so much on his plate, Shalom Lamm has practiced the method of time management to help balance his work life with the life he has with his family and friends. Rather than let work overtake his entire day, he sets strict work hours, leaving time left over to dedicate to personal use.

By doing so, he can keep everyone, including himself, happy and satisfied with the way his life is going.

For some people, it is easier to dedicate time for a personal life than it is for other individuals. The cost of living has become unaffordable and people are financially stressed now more than ever.

Take the time to make a clear schedule for yourself, write down when work is of most priority and what times can be dedicated to relaxation and quality time with loved ones.

All in all, it is important to learn how to have a healthy balance. Life can be overwhelming and definitely unbearable from time to time, but by practicing what a healthy balance looks like, mixed in with a few vacations from the office, people find themselves to be much happier overall.