How to Take Care of Your Hair in 2021

By  //  March 30, 2021

The New Year is here, and hair care is on top of everyone’s New Year’s resolutions this time around. So, why not treat your hair to some premium quality Prose Hair care instead? Quality hair care is what your hair needs, and it’s about time you listen to your hair’s needs.

You must be wondering, where do I even begin with my hair care journey? Worry not, because we have compiled our top essential products to help you live your healthy hair dreams. Read on ahead to find out!

Pre Shampoo Hair Mask 

A pre-shampoo hair mask is a concentrated treatment that helps to restore hair moisture throughout before you get to wash your hair. This will help to restore your hair’s moisture levels before you continue to rinse it out with shampoos. Pre-shampoo treatments help restore the hair’s strength so that the stripping nature of the shampoo doesn’t affect the integrity of the hair follicles.

Pre Shampoo Scalp Mask 

This scalp mask is all you need to balance out your hair’s natural oil levels before getting to shampoo out all the impurities. We often forget about scalp care, and the truth is that a healthier scalp is the key to luscious and robust hair.  So, start using scalp treatment to promote longer and stronger hair.


You need to be very particular with shampoos as most contain drying ingredients that strip your hair’s natural oils. Instead, opt for more nourishing ingredients that don’t include parabens, sulfates, alcohol, and phthalates. Try looking for shampoos that have gentle surfactants, which will help to rinse out impurities without damaging the hair shaft.


Conditioner is the hair care staple that everyone loves. Not only does it leave your hair tangle free, but it also helps to rejuvenate your lifeless hair into softer-looking fuller locks. Try opting for conditioners with a rich consistency and a water base so that they absorb fully into the hair follicles and leave your hair looking smooth and hydrated for days on end!

Hair Oil 

Oiling is the secret to promoting good hair growth. A secret used in many tribes, the hair oiling method helps to work up the hair follicles and stimulate healthy hair growth. Not only that, but the oil also helps to deeply nourish and penetrate inside the hair strands leaving your hair soft and moisturized after a good head massage.

Curl Cream 

Curl cream is essential for that wavy hair and curly hair people out there. You know your hair needs some extra moisture to keep up with the drying environment and your hair’s overall porous nature.

That is precisely what curl creams help you with.

They absorb softly into the hair and make them softer, which helps with all curly girl techniques. Curl cream is undoubtedly a lifesaver and best friend for all those curly haired folks out there!

Leave-In Serum 

The serum is the final product we’ll be talking about and certainly the most important one. After all your hair care is done, you don’t just want it to evaporate into thin air.

That’s where the serum comes in. A good serum treatment will absorb into your hair strands and lock in the treatments leaving you with soft and luscious strands till your next wash day. It’s an investment you absolutely need to make so you can have smooth and silky hair all throughout the week!


We hope that our article helped guide you about all the hair care products you absolutely need to have this season. Taking care of yourself is essential, and so is taking care of your hair. Good luck on your hair care journey this year!