Insta360 Revolutionizes the Action Camera Field With Its GO 2 Camera

By  //  March 14, 2021

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Insta360, a Chinese software company which specialises in making action cameras, 360-degree cameras, 180-3D cameras and software editing for mobile and desktop devices launched the world’s smallest action camera, the Insta360 GO 2 that incorporates flagship performance and power into the device.

The GO 2 weighs less than an ounce at 27g and is the size of an adult’s thumb. The camera is waterproof with an IPX8 rating meaning that it can be used up to 4 metres or 13 feet underwater, and it has replaceable protective lenses.

It contains a built-in magnet that pairs with an attached magnet pendant found in the box of the device, allowing users to attach the camera to their clothing without even knowing it is there.

It also has a hat brim clip which allows users to attach the camera to their hats, leaving their hands free. The GO 2 camera gives its users the luxury of capturing real time images without having to worry about holding a camera of any sort.

The camera comes with a charging case which charges it fully in about 30 minutes. While it is charging, the camera can work for up to 150 minutes inside the case at a time.

This charging case also serves as a tripod for the camera as well as its remote control and handheld grip. The case works with its Bluetooth connection, which allows the camera to be controlled from 10 metres away.

The case contains a USB Type C port through which it can be charged. The camera comes with 32 GB of space and can be controlled via WiFi using Insta360’s mobile app. Video editing is quite easy and straightforward on the GO 2 for even those who have had no experience with editing videos.

The camera also has simple and straightforward controls. To make use of the camera while in its case, the insta360 logo located under the lens is pressed, and this vibrates to indicate its activation.

While powered off, a single press causes the camera to record a video, a double press signals to the camera to take a photo and a one-second-long press takes the camera to a ready state.

When it is powered on, on the other hand, a single press starts and stops the Flow State stabilized video recording, a double press begins a Hyperlapse Time-lapse video, and pressing it for two seconds puts the camera to sleep.

The camera shoots 9-megapixel images, and its video resolution reaches up to 1440p and 30 frames per second for MP4, and 24 frames per second for HDR videos.

It uses a built-in 6-axis gyroscope together with the in-built FlowState stabilisation for horizontal leveling, which always ensures a stable video recording with the camera.

The camera has four fields of view, including the 120o Ultra-Wide Option and 110o ActionView FOV just as some of the best gadgets in casino online.

Available photo modes with the camera include the standard mode, interval mode, Night Shot mode, Starlapse mode and PureShot mode. Hyperlapses can be shot at up to 6x speed, and slow-motion recording can be done at up to 4x when shooting at 120 fps.

The Insta360 GO 2 camera takes up one of the online slots as one of the most innovative cameras so far in 2021 because there is hardly any camera of its size that can do what it does.