Link Building In 2021: All You Need To Know

By  //  March 22, 2021

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Businesses of all kinds need more leads every day. However, in this day and age, marketing channels have gotten very diverse and it’s not simple anymore to attract prospects and turn them into customers.

But Link Building is the proven strategy businesses use for increasing sales; keep reading!

What is Link Building?

Link Building is very similar to how we attract people and make friends. And it’s not that complicated when it comes to the Digital World. Companies like implement strategies that bring more customers by increasing the authority of the website.

Here’s how it works:

1. Businesses want no.1 ranking on Google for bringing more leads.

2. Google analyzes websites and ranks those on top which have more links.

3. Link building focuses on increasing quality inbound links for the websites.

4. Those websites that get more links to come on top and attract more customers.

All of this may seem difficult at first look, but reading the guidelines given below can help you implement this strategy and reap benefits for your own profit. Below are all the details that you need for Link Building in 2021.

Process Of Link Building

Like all proven lead-generation strategies, Link Building also has a clear map that you can follow. However, keep in mind that doing all this can take you more time on your own, and you may end up wasting your time, money, and effort. The best thing you can do is hiring a Link Building Agency.

Here are the basic steps you should follow for building your first Link Building Campaign:

■ Find all the websites that are relevant and authoritative to your industry.

■ Analyze the audience of these websites and figure out their goals.

■ Understand what the content format of these websites is.

■ Make yourself known to the website publishers.

■ Write information and authoritative content.

Find The Websites

Remember: Google and other search engines don’t care about your website if you have links from unknown websites. Search engines only rank those websites on top that have built connections, i.e., have received backlinks from the top websites.

Getting links from all the top websites is not that easy; you have to figure out what websites are known as an authority in your target industry and what you should do for making them agree on giving a link to your website – but you can do all this if you follow these tips:

■ Search for your target query on Google.

■ Find what websites rank on top against your target query.

■ Analyze which websites are authoritative and provide quality content.

■ Get help from tools like BuzzSumo and AllTop for finding truly unique websites.

By performing the steps given above, you will end up with a list of websites that are not only publishing great content but are also known for their authority in your industry.

Analyze The Audience

The most important thing to look for in websites that you have listed after following the step given above is whether the websites have an active audience. The reason is that websites with a good audience will not only give you an authoritative backlink but also grow your influence.

Follow these tips for understanding the audience of your website.

■ Check how many people engage on their social media profiles.

■ Figure out if they get any social shares from their audience or not.

■ Learn about using tools like SimilarWeb for analyzing their traffic.

■ Estimate how many comments they get on their blogs – both newer and older.

■ Check their blog section and understand how frequently they publish content.

Check Their Content

Content is king, and there is a reason for it. See, people only like visiting those websites that have published quality content. You will not see people talking about a website that has not published a post in the last five years. So, you have to check out how often they post content and what their writing style is.

Figuring out what content type is famous with the blog’s audience is an important step in your Link Building journey.

Follow these techniques, so you have an idea of what their audience likes the most:

■ Check the length of their content.

■ Analyze the formatting of their content.

■ Find what the popular topics on the blog are.

Establishing A Connection

Now that you have a list of websites that can help you achieve your Link Building goals, it’s time to contact them. A general rule-of-thumb is to follow websites on social media and posting comments on their blog posts. Remember, the goal is to get a backlink for your website.

These two strategies are common for making a Link Building connection:

1. Blogger Outreach

2. Guest Posting

Blogger Outreach

In Blogger Outreach, you contact influential bloggers in your industry and ask them to mention your website in their content for getting a backlink. You can find influential bloggers by searching for keywords and using tools like BuzzSumo. And surely they will give you a shout-out (and a Backlink).

Follow these Blogger Outreach Guidelines:

Follow bloggers on social media.

Write content relevant to their audience.

Use a great blogger outreach email for contacting them.

Guest Posting

Most influential blogs need guest contributors to stay relevant in their industry. Writing a guest post for them will help you build an audience and get an authoritative backlink. Follow these Guest Posting tips:

1. Check the popular topics on their guest posts.

2. Find the frequency of guest posts on their blogs.

3. Learn the common length of content on their guest posts.

Coming Up With Content

Writing quality content is the most important part of getting backlinks with a Link Building campaign. Make sure that the content you publish is good and provides value. Check out these tips for writing good content:

1. Proofread and edit your blogs and articles.

2. Remember the SEO writing guidelines.

3. Write to-the-point and clear content.

4. Focus on your target audience.


Link Building will bring more inbound links to your website and help you eventually attract more prospects. Learn the techniques mentioned above or hire a Link Building company for quick progress and best results. Happy Marketing!