Popular Superstition Around the World

By  //  March 10, 2021

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A superstition exists almost as much as a humans, and during time people in all parts of the planet have managed to believe in unbelievable scenarios of what will happen to them if they do not follow certain rules.

Superstitions are a part of the culture and tradition of every nation, which we almost unconsciously get to know and accept.

When superstition is mentioned, the most common thing to think about is to avoid number 13, whether to go under the ladder or on the path crossed by the black cat. However, there are more such beliefs. Every part of the world has its superstitions, and some are universal and valid for all.

Superstitions around the world

In Spain, the New Year is celebrated for twelve hours, and every time the clock strikes a full hour, one grape should be eaten. And so every hour, for every month of the year. Besides, it is desirable to drink a glass of wine to invoke happiness in the coming year.

Although Friday the 13th is an unlucky day in most countries, in Spain it is Tuesday the 13th. That is why you should never have a wedding or travel on that day. A lot of Italians believe that the number 17 is an anagram for VIXI, which means “I lived”, which is a symbolic way to predict death.

That is why Italians avoid traveling on the 17th day of the month and are generally afraid of it. In China, number 4 is avoided by all means. Many buildings in this country even avoid the fourth floor, so don’t be surprised if an elevator takes you to the third or fifth floor instead of the fourth.

When we talk about lucky and unlucky numbers, we must say that there are also some gambling superstitions in the world. In Western culture, the number 13 is considered an unlucky number – it is often associated with the occult and the paranormal.

This fear of number 13 is so common in the West that in some countries buildings and elevators skip number 13. This gambling superstition has been brought to its limits in Las Vegas. You will not see any 13th floor in hotels in the city of sin.

Number 7 is widely known as the bringer of happiness. It represents prosperity and has a very special meaning in online casinos, especially for those who like to play online slots and certain variations of blackjack.

Superstition, which is perhaps unusual in the Western world, is one of the most common folk beliefs in China. The color red symbolizes life, happiness, and prosperity and as such is considered one of the happiest colors.

It can be found everywhere during the Chinese New Year, and the red envelopes in which the money is placed are given as a gift. Most Chinese players will wear red clothes in casinos to bring themselves happiness. You know that there are always extreme cases. Some gamblers will dress from head to toe in red, while others will wear only red underwear.

In India, never call someone who has already left the house in case you forgot to tell him something because Indians believe that you will bring him misfortune, so you have to tell him everything you want before he leaves the house.

The Russians believe that you have to sit on a suitcase before traveling because that will bring you happiness in the coming days. In Russia and several other countries, it has long been believed that if a pigeon throws feces on someone’s head in flight, the “lucky one” will receive a financial profit.

In the UK, it is considered real luck when a black cat crosses your path, although in the US it is considered as an announcement of an accident, so Americans change their trajectory after the black cat passes and avoid passing there.

The Japanese think that a pillow facing north shortens life, so don’t be surprised by a strangely placed pillow on your bed when you find yourself in this country.

In Japan, it is also believed that as you pass by the cemetery, you should hide your thumbs in your pockets to protect your parents. This belief probably comes from a word that means thumb and which means “parent-finger”. In japan, an accidentally broken glass brings good luck.

In the Philippines, it is believed that colors can attract lightning, so red clothes are not worn during storms.

According to a widespread legend in Rwanda, women who eat goat meat can grow beards or can become very stubborn. On the other hand, the story stems from the fact that the man wanted delicious meat just for himself.

The Portuguese avoid moving backward, so you will rarely see someone from this country performing Michael Jackson’s “moonwalk” because walking backward is considered “calling the devil on your path”.

There is always a reason for another drink in Cuba. Cubans believe that when you say: This is my last drink, you are calling for death.

Do you know the saying – the time is money? Well, in Poland it is – the time is life. When someone dies, the funeral should be done before the first day of the week that follows, otherwise, the next death in your family circle will come faster.

Superstitions vary from nation to nation and we would say that they are quite imaginative, and it is especially interesting to know how they came about. Now you know what not to do in foreign countries. If any of these countries are your next destination, throw some salt over your shoulder when you hit the road and remember our tips.