Proviron: How Far Is It Beneficial 

By  //  March 8, 2021

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Proviron tablets are used for treating male hypogonadism, a state which is caused due to severely low testosterone levels. Intaking this medicine means supplementing your body’s testosterone levels.

These tablets first came to be known in 1966 while it was widely used for medical purposes in 1967. Besides being useful medically, Proviron tablets are also known to improve performance, physique, etc. Below enlisted are some benefits derived from intaking Proviron tablets.

Benefits of Proviron Tablet

Proviron tablets are largely consumed for the treatment of anemia, androgen deficiency in male hypogonadism and to improve male fertility. People have also found it useful in delaying puberty among teenage boys.

Proviron tablets do not have strong estrogenic effects which is why they are also used in treating issues where breast tenderness or gynecomastia is present. Proviron is a relatively weak drug called androgen, having partial activity and fewer effects, finding rare applications in the androgen replacement therapy but is widely used for medicinal purposes. Let’s now dive into its benefits in detail.

In Treatment of Male hypogonadism

The state in which male reproductive organs like testicles fail to function properly, causing hormonal imbalances is called hypogonadism.

Going for a Proviron cycle helps enhance the level of testosterone, the male sex hormone, and therefore increases sperm production and maturity among them. This, Proviron tablets help males to bring infertility under control. However, you must be mindful of the dosage of the medicine as recommended by the doctor.

In Treatment of Male infertility

Male infertility denotes a male’s incapability to cause the state of pregnancies in a woman. This is usually because of low sperm count. It can also be attributed to less sperm maturity.

Proviron tablets enhance sperm health and production in a short span. It behaves as the male sex hormone, testosterone, and does its functions effectively. It also facilitates the proper functioning of male reproductive organs, thereby increasing the chances of conceiving for a woman.

How to take this medicine? 

Patients are requested to follow their doctor’s instructions concerning intake of this medicine. It’s an oral tablet, which can be swallowed with water do not crush, chew or break it. Swallow it as a whole tablet. You can have food before and after taking the medicine.

The medicine’s dosage and its repetition in a day depending on your body health and test results. Your doctor will decide the dosage for you. Be mindful to inform your past medical histories so that your doctor can make an informed decision.

If you forget to take the medicine as scheduled or miss a dose for a day, take it as soon as remember. However, if it’s too late and your next dose is scheduled to be taken, skip the previous dose. Never double the dose.

Similar to any other man-made medication, this tablet too has side effects. Usually, it results in breast enlargement, headaches, acne, etc. If these do not reduce with time or bother you too much, immediately let your doctor know. Conduct thorough checks and evaluate your health from time to time to know how far these tablets have been useful and effective.