Slingo Vs. Bingo Games: What’s the Difference?

By  //  March 2, 2021

Gathering around a table with a family or friends is a precious moment when everyone is tackling some timeless board games like bingo. As we live in a busy world, keeping us entertained with bingo is a good option to relax or de-stress.

Through its historical roots, this game has been attractive and with the internet advent, online bingo has been widespread across the globe. Despite many variations designed by the software developers to cater to players worldwide, online Slingo operators in the UK, have been winning hearts for years.

It is impossible not to play this bingo variant on the best bingo sites. Nevertheless, the classic bingo is still proving to be sought-after among players. If we compare slingo and bingo games, what makes them different?


Slingo is a hybrid game that appeared in 1994 in New Jersey when a high roller Sal Falciglia had the brightest idea to combine the slot and bingo. This game’s popularity has increased and different variations of this game are hosting by online bingo sites.

Playing slingo does not require any special skills and the game is not difficult as well. In fact, to play slingo, the players have to fill a 5×5 card and then spin the reels below the grid. Each player has up to 20 turns to spin the reels and it gets marked if a number matches one in the card.

Furthermore, since this game has been improved, the players should watch out for the extra symbols added on the reels that can boost winnings instantly or bonuses. These slingo symbols include Gold Coin, Joker, Super Joker, and Free Spins.


Although the classic and online bingo games have the same rules, the virtual versions come with more additional features. Nonetheless, it does not mean that traditional bingo is no longer attractive; on the contrary, this social game has remained popular in society.

When playing bingo in the brick-and-mortar bingo halls, the players have to buy one or more bingo cards. Bingo numbers will be called and a bottle full of colored ink is commonly used to daub bingo calls. Moreover, playing online bingo is simple in which the players have to cross off all their numbers.

The numbers will be randomly selected and if all the numbers they have selected are called by the caller, they win. The bonus bundled with the online bingo is a set amount of money offered by the online bingo sites.  With these bonuses, the gamblers can purchase bingo tickets.

Which is more popular?

In the iGaming sphere, apart from the online casino, the bingo sites have also seduced people. Bingo and slingo may be alike regarding the popularity because these two games are ubiquitous on bingo websites.

As a matter of fact, bingo has existed in the mid-1500s and its rise is mainly due to the internet advent. In the UK, it is estimated that more than 3.5 million players are chipping in to play bingo.

With plenty of bingo variants to choose from, more and more people are interested in signing -up for the renowned casino.

As for the slingo, this game’s popularity is continually evolving as there has been an incredible increase in the number of people that play the game. Both bingo and slingo are players’ favorite games in the bingo sites since they promise excitement and suspense.


Bingo and slingo have invaded the virtual bingo halls and their popularity began to extend. Bingo has been around for centuries and despite the release of various games in the casino, this social game has remained attractive among the players.

Bingo is a game for everyone bringing more fun to young players and nostalgia to the seniors. Concerning slingo, this perfect mix of 75-ball bingo and slot is also worth playing.

Not only does this game enable the players to play in an online environment but it also guarantees a truly unique experience. Both bingo and slingo are enjoyed by the game of chance aficionados and they have deserved a devoted fanbase thanks to their simple rules and exciting atmosphere.