Specialty Games Bring Much-Needed Innovation into Casino World

By  //  March 2, 2021

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The modern gambling world never lacks innovation, even in the specialty games department. Companies tasked with creating and providing content to gambling venues keep pushing the envelope with their ground-breaking creations every day. 

But how do specialty games fit the puzzle of the gambling industry? And why innovating them is so important?

Prolific Pastimes

Let’s look at the dazzling casino industry where uplifting the specialty game category has become a necessity rather than a side note. How did former distractions become a priority to the players and the companies creating the content?

In the bottom sections, we shall see through the eyes of LiveCasinos, a brand tasked with delivering the latest live casino industry news to its readers, how companies are redesigning the casino space across the globe, including the lively US live casino market.

To discuss the present, we’ll first have to revisit the past. In the last few decades, the industry has received a makeover from companies eager to explore traditional gaming boundaries. And much has changed in the last century.

Slot machines are a perfect example of how the industry has grown. Originally, slots were conceived as a distraction, a game perfect for brief respites from classic table games like blackjack and roulette. The traditional table games might get intense sometimes, so casinos decided to install slots that could be stress relievers through effortless entertainment.

And the impact of this decision surprised everyone.

Today, gambling venues are diverse ecosystems of classic and modern content where slots stand as exotic releases meant to jazz up the experience. In short, they are there to boost the experience – but many players consider them a priority rather than a distraction.

The rise of popularity of casino specialty games ignited the players’ passion for effortless entertainment, which encouraged companies to focus on such content. More and more specialty games like keno, bingo, and scratch cards are entering the picture, but more importantly, companies are refurbishing them with brand-new features. And the players love it.

The Online Realm

Casino specialty games are going through their personal Renaissance, and we are beyond excited to see where it will take us. However, the revival is transpiring across both gambling sectors – land-based and online alike.

The online casino gaming scene is at its peak right now. They are receiving a lot of attention from players unable to hit the casinos physically. The pandemic accelerated digitalization. But even before the pandemic, the need to innovate the online gaming industry was strong. Why? Because more and more players are turning to the digital realm for their gambling entertainment.

With broad audiences, software companies had better feedback about their content, and their job to attract players with fresh gaming material shifted the focus onto exotic, unconventional categories.

Keno, bingo, and scratch cards, the three most popular specialty types, have massive fan bases. With innovative designs, broader thematic scopes, and exciting features that we have seen in recent times, they amassed even bigger fanbases – and the popularity is soaring.

In live casino terms, software providers like Evolution have created a brand-new hybrid genre called live game show. Live game shows mesh traditional gambling with popular TV shows to deliver a unique gaming experience.

Played in real-time with real dealers, they bring players closer to the authentic casino atmosphere – but they also provide more. Realistic but more fun than standard live dealer games, live game shows are the entire industry’s current apex. And the companies are just starting.


The gambling industry is transforming. Its growth is outlined not only by the increase in the number of releases but also by its quality. And it seems that specialty games are finally stepping under the spotlight.

Classic table and card games will always be popular but innovating the department of recreational content undoubtedly has an immense impact on the future land-based and online gambling. And this is just the start.