TikTok Revealed the Content Trends for 2021 Together With the Subjects that Interest its Audience the Most

By  //  March 24, 2021

TikTok is one of the most successful social media platforms worldwide, thanks to the variety of content it provides. Because everyone is interested in finding out what its users like to watch, it published a report to uncover the hottest trends for 2021.

While it’s wasn’t surprising to find some topics on the list, others caused consternation among the users. TikTok’s What’s Next overview highlights what the most sought-after trends in terms of content are on the platform and encourages creators to focus on them for the following 12 months.

The report specified that TikTok specialists analysed the greatest shifts in consumers’ behaviour and interests over the last months and concluded that 2021 would bring changes that will stay for at least a year once content creators embrace them.

As millions of people use TikTok to build followers bases and attract them to other social media platforms they use, the need for new topics is coal-and-ice, you can also buy more views to increase popularity.

TikTok published the overview to serve mainly businesses, but individuals also find it useful because it lists the topics that are about to become popular on the platform and allow them to plan ahead.

Figuring out what topics are about to enter the market provides creators with an insight into the ideas they should focus on, but it also allows them to develop strategies to connect with their audience and have a positive and meaningful presence in their lives.

2020 marked the moment when TikTok registered a great rise in popularity among audiences worldwide. Hence, it’s understandable why the video creation platform decided to review the hottest trends from 2020 and try to predict which ones will conquer hearts this year.

The overview also provided the readers with evolution charts for all topics and included information about the factors that influenced each subject’s evolvement over time. The report also showcases the categories that evolved the most in 2020 and will continue to take most of the content published on TikTok.

The social medial platform encourages its users to create content that fits into these categories but also feel free to come up with new topics because the public is open to innovations. They registered to TikTok exactly because they were searching for a platform that provides them with unique and idiosyncratic content.

The top content categories in 2020

TikTok evaluated its performance in 19 global markets to identify the categories that put through the best and concluded that in 2020, its users consumed varied content and were attracted to a large number of subjects.

The most popular content categories were:

■ Vlog/Diary

■ Comedy

■ Video games

■ Movie and TV

■ Pets

■ Romance

■ Cartoon and Animation

■ Cooking

■ Sports

■ Outfit

The report also provides a top of the categories that registered an accelerated rise.

■ News and Events

■ Music

■ Photography

■ Sports Events

■ Environment protection

■ Livestock and poultry

■ Education

■ Interview and Experiment

■ Home and garden

■ Camping

The pandemic triggered the ascension of many of these trends, and some wouldn’t be as popular as they are nowadays if the world wouldn’t face an unpreceded situation. Because more people were staying at home, the platform experienced a rise in cooking-related content that was meant to meet the public’s request for guides on how to prepare their meals at home.

Also, because authorities recommended social distancing as a means to stop the pandemic, many people found a new hobby, camping and traveling outdoors in isolated areas, and they used TikTok to share their experience with other users.

Let’s check the data TikTok provided for the cooking category to understand better what aspects they checked.

They reported that the cooking category grew by 57% from January to November 2020. The creators who want to target this subject should use hashtags like #recipe, #foodies, #quickrecipes, #tiktokfood, #easyrecipes, and #ramseyreacts to attract more viewers.

Alongside the examples of content that drove the best reactions, the social media platform also provides the users with tips on how to create cooking content for 2021. They state that ASMR and compelling visuals are the key strategies when creating videos for TikTok foodies because they target all their senses. Restaurants and food and beverage brands should offer their audiences a glimpse behind the stage to show them how they prepare the products.

The platform created 19 individual reports for each region of interest (Australia and New Zeeland, Egypt, France, Germany, AT and CH, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom).

What TikTok users must consider when they create content in 2021

TikTok is the place to achieve success as a content creator because there’s no bar to quality, and you can gain over 100,000 likes overnight. When you consistently create content that targets the same niche, you generate interest and your followers stay loyal if you provide them with relevant and useful information. But how can you ensure that you maintain your popularity long-term?

■ Protect your privacy and use a VPN to register on the app because privacy issues are known worldwide. TikTok is a Chinese social platform, and everyone knows how the Chinese government collects and stores data from individuals and companies. The app has experienced huge backlash for its numerous privacy issues in 2020, and it’s best to protect yourself against data collection by enabling two-factor authentication, managing permissions, and taking advantage of the app’s privacy and safety settings.

■ Post videos about a subject you know very well because while everyone can offer general tips, only a limited number of TikTok users have the authority in the industry they perform to educate the audience.

■ Don’t create content to fool, cheat, or mislead your followers.

Have a disclaimer to inform the viewers of the level of the public you address to know if your content is fitted for them.

Include a call to action in your videos and direct them to your other social media accounts.

■ Keep an eye on the latest trends because they may change as you’re reading this article.

See you on TikTok!