Top Most Subscribed YouTube Sports Channels

By  //  March 20, 2021

Instagram is so far the most popular social network. But it’s mostly about lifestyle and people pick up news from YouTube, especially in the sports category. Today we publish the list of the most popular sports YouTube channels in collaboration with online Canadian casino

WWE is an absolute leader with 74.6 million followers from all parts of the world. The channel was started in 2007 and there are 56 billion views.

Well CEO Vincent McMahon knows how to rule the wrestling industry. There are used to be some rivals with other associations but now the leadership of WWE is absolute. Watch full matches, documentaries, interviews, highlights with your favorite wrestlers.

■ Dude Perfect is the second most subscribed sports channel and the 15th most-subscribed channel overall. It was created by roommates from Texas A&M University. They make sport challenges and hit some world records in long-distance basketball shots, beach ball, barefoot Lego walk, rolling across exercising balls, Ping Pong and many more. Sometimes tricks look just impossible and there are many debates about it, but Dude Perfect rejects all hesitations. Channel has got more than 12 billion views since 2009. Guys started this project without any commercial plans but became legends on YouTube.

■ 3rd place took over the NBA YouTube channel launched in 2005 with 8 billion views to date. There are 16,2 million subscribers and it seems that basketball is the most popular team game on YouTube. NFL is far behind with 7.76 million followers. MLB is 2.71 million followers, NHL 1.58.

■ Surprisingly the UFC is in 4th place with 11.4 million followers and 3 billion views. Despite huge popularity and top-rated fights UFC didn’t become the leader of the list. The channel started in 2005 and published some cult fights with Conor McGregor and other legends.

■ FC Barcelona is the most subscribed YouTube channel among other football clubs with 11.2 million followers. Best moments of Lionel Messi, highlights of the Champions league, interviews with players and many more on a daily basis. FC Barcelona is also known as Barça and it’s one of the most popular football club on the globe like Manchester United and Borussia Dortmund.

■ Redbull isn’t technically a sport brand but YouTube videos are mind-blowing. No matter BMX, skydiving, snowboarding, motorcycling, surfing, skateboarding, skiing, enduro, truck racing, rally, rap battle tournament, Dakar, parkour or annual flying contest every single clip is perfect and truly motivating. There are 9,93 million followers.

■ Surprisingly ESPN is at the end of our list with 7,75 million subscribers but HD clips are truly amazing. You might find every kind of sport in the best quality on the channel.

■ Among racing most popular YouTube channels is Formula 1 with 4,95 million subscribers. You can watch first cam videos, season predictions, drivers line-up, top battles, highlights and many more clips about this amazing kind of sport. Formula 1 is a truly elite sport with a very committed fanbase.

What are the most popular channels among sport brands?

■ Nike is a leader with 1,5 million followers and it isn’t a surprise because of the greatest commercials. Just do it episodes are legendary.

■ Adidas is in second place with 917 000 subscribers.

■ We can’t not mention Under Armour because it massively impacted the sport industry.

Share with us your best channels on YouTube about fitness, sport, adventure, sailing or any kind of activities. We are curious to know your interests to make our content better.

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