What is the Current State of Sports Betting in Florida?

By  //  March 16, 2021

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The US has come a long way when it comes to legalizing sports betting. Over 20 states have legalized the industry so far, but Florida is not among these states.

Sports gambling in Florida may soon be a legal affair if the senate passes the new gambling legislation law. Here is an overview of the current state of sports betting in Florida.

Is it Legal to Gamble in Florida?

Florida is one of the states that legalized gambling early on. In fact, this state allowed its citizens to participate in pari-mutuel betting as early as 1932 to help raise funds to support its economy during the great depression.

By 1935, slot machines were legalized in the state, but a law that disputed the legalization of gambling activities was passed in 1972. It saw the removal of these arcade-style games for years.

Up until 2004, there was a tussle between the voters and legislators regarding gambling. And while it took years to gain positive results, today’s gamblers in Florida can enjoy an array of games within this state such as bingo, slots, horse racing, and poker among others.

This legislation covers land-based casinos. The state’s gambling laws do not address wagering in online entities and the implications these dens pose on betting fanatics. Aside from sidelining online casinos, the state does not provide any licenses to businessmen who want to set up a web casino within Florida’s borders.

Even so, this has not stopped betting enthusiasts from joining off-shore casinos to play their favorite casino games. Gamers in this state are looking to other states that have legalized online gambling for entertainment.

They get away with this practice because there are no stringent laws that restrict them from engaging in online wagering activities. If you are looking for a good site to join, you can check out reviews made by Florida sports betting experts like betting.us for insight on some of the top-notch offshore casinos you can join.

Legal gambling age in Florida

Even though online sports betting is not legal in Florida, players have to wait until they are 18 years before they can join any offshore wagering site, especially if they are to wager for cash. This is in line with the betting laws that regulate the onshore land casinos within the state.

Failure to do so will land a gamer in jail, and have their winnings confiscated. Aspiring bettors can read the legislature on gambling laws for more details on what to do and what not to do.

Best Offshore Casinos You Can Join

Even though online gaming is not a legal practice in Florida, gamblers can still join offshore casinos for some exciting offers. A few of the best web casinos they can try out include Casumo casino, Play Ojo, betonline, and 5dimes sportsbook among others.

Things to Expect as an Online Gamer in Florida

Players who wager for real cash in Florida can enjoy a variety of perks when they join websites to play for real cash. Some of these benefits include:

Plenty of casino games

Sports betting is a dynamic niche that encompasses an array of sports like soccer, rugby, basketball, tennis, and golf among others. Gamblers have the liberty of opting to bet on a team of their liking during tournaments.

These entities not only avail live streaming for their top games, but they also give great odds suggestions that enable gamblers to make sensible decisions when placing bets. You can have a look at some of the betting markets available for Florida gamblers.

Instant Payment Platforms

Punters can cash in or withdraw their funds using the available financial partners that each casino has chosen, to make their betting experience lively. Depositing funds is instantaneous since the money reflects in your casino account almost immediately. They can also cash in any time of the week when they want to gamble.

Withdrawing their winnings may take more time considering that there is a verification process the casino has to complete. Additionally, each withdrawal option has limits in regards to the amount of cash a player can cash out within specific periods. Even so, once a transaction is approved, gamers should receive their funds in a matter of hours.

Great Bonuses

Florida Sportsbooks provide their gamers with bonuses that make their betting more exciting. Welcome bonuses, deposit rewards, VIP gifts, and referral promotions are some of the freebies a player will receive when they join these betting dens.

How Florida Will Benefit from Legalizing Sports Betting

A lot of revenue is collected from gambling sites every year. In this case, all of Florida’s gamblers are sourcing for external casinos to spend their cash in, which means that all the taxes collected from their gaming encounters goes into developing other states that have legalized online casinos.

Rather than give out their revenue to other states, Florida’s government can collect millions of dollars that will go into developing their state. Legalizing sports betting would also attract tourists even more.

They get a chance to busk under the warm sun and enjoy the beach, as they wager for real cash without any fear of indictment.

The future of Online Sportsbooks in Florida

Land-based casinos are becoming less popular by the day, especially since governments are striving to reduce human contact in large gatherings thanks to the global crisis. Close human contact helps to spread the deadly Covid 19 virus that’s proving hard to contain. It is therefore wise to project that land casinos do not have much time before they become obsolete.

When this happens, the state will lose plenty of tax revenue that they collect every year. The government can avoid this losing situation by allowing international licensing bodies and gaming regulators to approve business men’s proposals to set up online betting dens within Florida’s airspace.

This move will increase the state’s revenue and keep its operations afloat. It will also mean that gamers from other states will join in the fun especially if they come from a restrictive region.