What’s New in the World of Online Pokies?

By  //  March 22, 2021

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The game of pokie is very famous in New Zealand; as a matter of fact, it is the most renowned way of gambling here, in both small and big casinos. 

If you’re familiar with slots, then you won’t find it hard to understand how to play pokies because they are almost the same.

The best part about this game, which lures many gamblers into playing it, is that you can play it online with money offered by the casino websites and actually win real money if you’re lucky enough.

And for beginners, you have an opportunity to play for free.

Then there is this group of people who genuinely love playing pokie but can’t seem to get along with people at the land-based casinos.

The New Zealand online casinos got you covered; you can always enjoy playing online pokie at the comfort of your home.

Most Popular Online Pokies in 2021

When you rate online pokies, you must consider the RTP percentage because it defines their popularity.

RTP, which stands for a return to player, is what a gambler expects as a payback for all the cash placed on online pokies.

The higher the RTP percentage, the higher the return.

1. Book of Dead – (RTP 96.21%): Use ten fixed paylines to bet and get x250000 your stake

2. Mega Joker (RTP 99%): Mega joker has the largest RTP percentage. Betting here with just a single coin is not ideal since the RTP will seriously drop. However, if you bet with the max, get a larger return across all paylines.

3. Jackpot 6000t (RTP 98.8%): Bet with max coins per spin and stand a chance of winning a mysterious prize. When you bet with 1-8 coins, and a joker symbol appears, the RTP significantly falls.

4. Jackhammer 2 (RTP 97.10%): Sticky wins increase your chances of getting free re-spins

5. Thunderkick (RTP 98.6%): Here, you get 25 fixed paylines and a wild symbol that will enable you to hit multipliers in each spin, and the free bonus spins can get you as much as 50 free spins in a single spin.

6. Bloodsuckers (RTP 98%): You have ten paylines and up to 20 bet coins. this game could earn you a mysterious win of up to 600 coins

7. Starmania (RTP 97.87%): You get stacking wilds here, and you get even more with the free rounds.

8. Kings of Chicago (RTP 97.8%): You have a betting range from 0.05 dollars to 50 dollars in every spin. you are free to substitute the joker for any other card

9. Devil’s delight (RTP 97.60%): The soul reaper bonus round is the centre of this game.

If you want to try out these pokies or learn more about them, you can find more info here.

Popular Online Pokies Features

Here we can see some of the most popular online pokies feature, including:

Bonus Game With Free Spins

The bonus game is so famous in New Zealand online casinos.

From the various combinations of online pokies, you can get a bonus game with free spins, money or extra points.

The bonus game can come based on how skilful you are or pure luck, like when you spin a slot wheel.


Gamblers can actually substitute a wild symbol for other different icons, which can help you win. there are several wilds in online pokies such as:

• expanding wilds- covers the reel completely

• sticky wilds- they will stay on the reel for other spins

• shifting wilds- just as the name suggests, they shift from one reel to the next

• stacked wilds- these stack on the reels to give you several winning chances


This is where a gambler tries to progress through many rounds to increase his/her overall score.

Their score is then multiplied by the amount you used to bet, so they get a much bigger reward.

Double Up

Here you get a chance to pay for the double combinations from both sides of the reels to win a double chance.

Though you have double chances of winning, a double-up game will not pay you twice from one spin of the same combo.

Latest online pokies features

Latest online pokies features include:


Unlike in the traditional pokie games where there were only a fixed number of reels, the online pokies now have mega ways pokies.

In megaways pokie, every reel spin has many layout and symbols that the modifier provides.

Bonus Buy

with the bonus buy feature, you increase your chances of winning. Here, a gambler can opt to

pay a premium for the games’ main bonus, that is, the free spins.

Speed Up The Game

This is for the impatient gamblers.

Here, you activate the quick spin option to increase the rate at which the reels spin highly.

The goal is to spin more reels within the shortest possible time and increase their winnings.

How To Win On Pokies?

The only sure way of winning on pokies is to always bet on all the paylines with the maximum amount possible that your wallet can allow.

Bet the maximum amount of coins to increase your reward using the multiplier.