Why Govt. is Focusing on to Increase EV Sales

By  //  March 23, 2021

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Although Tesla has started to emerge as a major EV player on domestic soil, United States appears to still lag behind China and the European Union when it comes to EV assembly as well as EV production.

Proactive EV policies and heavy lines of credits have been issued in the interest of promoting and building their personal EV supply chain which has put these rivals way ahead of the United States.

To neutralize this gap, the United States government has started a rigorous push towards the EV sector that should result in higher sales and thus a better supply chain inside the States.

Government’s Push

President Joe Biden has expressed his interest in replacing the government fleet’s 650,000 vehicles with EV’s instead that have had been produced in the United States itself.

This push falls in line with his concerns regarding climate change as well as boosting the manufacturing of EVs domestically.

This appears to one of the priorities of the new Biden government that has also targeted their aim at the transportation infrastructure as well which has been in ruins and rescues it by increasing its fund supplies.

President Biden had publicly announced his interest in these plans and had alongside claimed that special attention would be given to bringing up even more charging stations while incentives would be levied for the end consumers so that EV adoption makes even more sense than before.

Ticking Timebomb

This entire push towards a completely Electric transportation future has been long overdue as other countries have followed suit. Most nations in the world believe that by 2030 there should be a complete shift towards electric technology and the planet’s reliance on fossils fuels would go down drastically.

The fact that vehicles like the 2021 Toyota Rav4 offer plug-in hybrid variants only reiterate the fact that the industry is only desensitizing the audience to the shift that is destined to come.

Who would have thought that the 2021 Ford F-150 would soon feature an all-electric variant of the same that could somehow be more capable than its electric counterpart?

But it is happening after all. All of this simply means that the government is trying to cut short the already short fuse that moves the States towards an all-electric future, and although it does sound like a blanket solution, there are certain problems too.

A Tough Peak To Scale

The biggest worry that has spiked due to President Biden announcing his interest towards this shift is the fact that most believe that the shift to Electric Vehicles is going to eat away at traditional manufacturing jobs which have ignited thoughts of concerns in worker’s union such as the United Auto Workers (UAW).

Although the prospect does bring about newer jobs in the form of Battery assembly jobs and software development as well as implementation, it is still believed that in the grand scheme of things, this shift would bring about a net job loss.

This seems to put quite a lot of tension amongst the automobile sector but President Biden has assured that necessary steps would be taken to ensure to increase job openings in the clean energy space. If estimates are to be believed, building electric vehicles requires half as many parts as their ICE counterparts and takes about a third of the time to get manufactured.

This does make the concern of job losses pretty legitimate especially since the auto industry is pretty fragile these days. Even though these concerns doom loom over their heads, the entire automobile sector has started its shift towards an all-electric future as automakers are pumping in billions of dollars every year to keep up with their EV development.

Even though the adoption rate of EV’s is still at 2% of the net U.S. Auto Sales and ex-President Donald Trump had threatened to remove federal tax credits that worked as an incentive for EV sales, there is a definitive forecast of a tipping point that would result in speeding up the EV market monumentally.

This shift would not only bring more competitive products for the consumers but also tank the higher EV-related purchase prices one has to pay right now.

The Future Is Now

It is an accepted fact now that one can’t keep on driving around in their 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe or even the economical 2021 Toyota Camry let alone their older iterations due to this very shift for too long.

It is tough to imagine for many that their econoboxes could be just as big a target as a fuel-guzzling SUV but the truth of the matter is that the newer government is acting towards this greener future.

Three Days before Election Day, President Biden had put worth his ideas pertaining to this shift in a Detroit Rally and put worth an objective of installing as well as building 500,000 charging stations across the country.

This falls right in line with the cry from the UAW that demands more jobs to be created in the charging sector that should result in an even bigger boost towards electrification.

The fact that the government is pushing strongly for the EV future is primarily to become one of the leaders in the space and not follow suit with the rest of the world.

This is being envisioned to keep the United States from importing EV components but rather build them in-house making the States a major player.

In the near future, United States’ dominance in the electric space would pretty much be determined by the policies that will be introduced by the Biden Government to push EV manufacturing as well as a strong regulatory framework that would ensure that the industry survives this monumental shift.

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