2021 NBA Top Five Teams With the Best Odds to Win the Championship 

By  //  April 7, 2021

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Another major sporting event is happening in the United States, where millions of fans worldwide are constantly waiting for each game. As fans follow the 2021 NBA tournament, they are also betting simultaneously to increase the excitement and earn money. 

If you are one of the fans betting on the NBA games and want to bet on the futures, you might want to know the top five teams with the best odds to win the championship this year. This may serve as a guide to you on your betting journey.

Brooklyn Nets + 250

This year’s most favored team to win the NBA finals is the Brooklyn Nets. They had +450 odds in the middle of January, and now they are the best odds on the list. The Nets have shown pretty impressive games since they had James Harden on their team.

The team will either be a complete bust or a steal to bet on this year. But always remember that Harden seems to have transformed to fit in with the Brooklyn Nets way of playing especially Coach Steve Nash’s offense.

This year, the Nets’ chance of bagging the championship trophy even increased when they signed Blake Griffin and LaMarcus Aldridge, increasing the number of all-star appearances on the team’s roster. The Brooklyn Nets have an insane powerhouse roster this year that no one can deny.

Los Angeles Lakers +300

Even though the L.A. Lakers are the NBA’s reigning champion, they only landed on the second-best odds this year. But what makes the reigning champion fall behind? The Lakers have only the second-best odds in the 2021 NBA Finals because of Lebron James’ high-ankle sprain and Anthony Davis’ leg injury.

The Lakers’ superstar duo is experiencing an injury that puts their team into a step back this year. However, when the two players are playing on the court, they are still performing at their best, so it is still safe to assume that they will have a repeat this year.

Additionally, after the news circulating about the Nets signing up Blake Griffin and LaMarcus Aldridge, people are starting to speculate that the Lakers will also pull off surprises. The speculation got even more intense when Andre Drummond arrived at L.A.

And true enough, shortly after, the Lakers management confirmed that they already had signed Andre Drummond. It is a decision made by the team’s management to compensate for the current situation of their two-star players James and Davis.

Los Angeles Clippers +550

The third leading team favored to win this year’s NBA Finals is another Los Angeles team. The Los Angeles Clippers ended the season as a laughing stock in the NBA, but despite this, they are still one of the teams that has a high chance of winning the finals.

The first reason for their possible victory is their roster. The Clippers have Kawhi Leonard and Paul George playing for them. Both players are two of the most promising players in the league today.

In addition to having two of the best players today, the Clippers are hungry for victory. They also wanted to prove the critics wrong in underrating them. The team has more to offer than what is expected from them.

Milwaukee Bucks +900

With the newcomer Jrue Holiday and two-time KIA MVP Winner Giannis Antetokounmpo, the Milwaukee Bucks are now heading in the right direction in fulfilling their cravings for the NBA Championship. Jrue Holiday is now back on track after battling COVID-19 and now ready to take the games by storm.

In addition to both players mentioned is the support they have from their teammates, particularly PJ Tucker Khris Middleton, a known sidekick of Giannis. The Bucks have great players on their roster that can help the whole team win the NBA this year.

Let us not forget the great defense and high energy brought by Donte DiVincenzo. On top of the Bucks lineup’s best player this year is their coach Mike Budenholzer who brought the Bucks into the number eight rank inoffensive and first in defensive last season. This season, the Bucks are now ranked second in offense which means that the team improved significantly under coach Budenhlzer.

Utah Jazz +900

The Utah Jazz is a team that excelled on the defense side in the recent seasons, which is why it is just right that they made it to the top five best odds to win the finals this year. The Jazz is one of the teams for real when it comes to achieving the championship title in the NBA League.

They have been successful earlier, yet they were not appropriately credited. The credits they deserved are now long overdue, and now it is the right time to give them what they deserve for their hard-earned success.

The team ranked as the fifth-best defense in the league this year with a 108.5 defense score. This has been a thing for the Bucks for the last five years which means that Coach Quin Snyder’s technique works great for the team’s defense.

In A Nutshell

Bettors use odds to know which team should they wager on that will give them the most profit. The most favorite team is expected to have the lowest odds on the list. If you want to know who is the most favored team to win the championship, it is best to refer to the oddsmaker’s odds.