3 Bad Ideas In Sports Betting That Can Lose You Money

By  //  April 21, 2021

There is without a doubt that sports betting can make you money. It might be a long shot before it can be profiting enough to replace any day job you might have, but it has the potential to make you huge amounts of money in a short period.

However, a single mistake is all it takes to have your “future” in it tumbling down the drain. All it takes is one bad decision, a single bad idea, and you can say goodbye to your money or any chances of making money at all.

In this article, you would learn about some of the worst ideas, decisions, and habits you can do in playing at online betting sites that can cost you money–big money, or even sometimes your entire bankroll. Read on and learn, so you would not fall into committing them along the way, too. Here are some of them.

Betting casually

Be careful not to misunderstand it–there is nothing inherently wrong with being a casual bettor. However, you have to understand the core meaning of the word “casual” and the act of being casual. From its basic sense–you are not a serious bettor if you are a “casual.”

A casual bettor only plays at least once or twice a month, and it does not matter to him if he wins or not–it is the thrill and the enjoyment that he is after. Thus, all the research and study of the market, the odds, and honing handicapping skills is not needed.

However, if you wish to earn money out of sports betting, being casual is not the way. If you are betting almost every week, playing casual is not the right way to do it. It might sound easy for you, but the truth is that in the long run, a “casual” way of playing will only damage your bankroll and in the worst case, even exhaust it and lead you to bankruptcy.

Betting with your emotions in the way

This is a classic, and every sports bettor can fall for this, regardless of their level of experience or expertise. Since most bettors are also fans of the sport itself, it is natural that they would have a favorite team or a favorite player. However, a personal favorite may sometimes not be the best option for a wager.

So, when faced with a choice between betting on your personal favorite but it’s a bad bet, or betting on a good bet but not on your personal favorite–you are free to make your choice. However, always remember that a personal favorite bet would most likely not give you any profit–but a good bet with good odds can.

Buying a “pick”

One of the most common scams that you can find online, that is hidden under the guise of an “expert tip,” are people claiming to be selling the “best picks,” or at least picks that they claim will make you lots of money.

Is this true? Most likely, and as proven by a lot of people already, it is not. Just think about it: if they have this good bet that will surely make them a lot of money, why sell it for just, for example, $100? If you have the chance to make $10,000 or more in one bet, why would you choose to get paid for it for only $100 instead?

Besides, unless the game is rigged and someone has the inside information about the rigging, there is no way that an “expert” would be able to predict the best bet 100% of the time.