4 Red Flags In Finding Online Sportsbooks

By  //  April 21, 2021

In this day and age, almost everything can be done online. You can get your groceries online, you can get a degree online, or get married online. Name it, the chances are is that it can be done or is available online. The same goes for betting.

Thanks to technology, casino gaming, and sports, betting has been brought online and now people can play and wager their money wherever they are and whenever they want to.

The rising popularity of online sports betting also paved way for more new bookies in the market joining the bigger top sportsbooks, looking to have their part in this increasingly lucrative market of punters.

With all the increasing options you have as a bettor, how could you know if the site or app that you are looking at is a yay or a nay? How are you able to tell if it will be a go for you or a no? Here are some of the things that you should consider first and if you see that the site or app you are looking at has at least one of these things—run away. As fast as you can.

No apparent registration or security certification

For an online betting site or app, being registered under whatever government they are operating on is important. Another equally important thing is that their system, games and encryption have been certified as secure.

If they have both of these things, they have no reason not to let their prospective customers know. They are most likely to stick it to the face of their customers as much as possible. After all, being registered and being certified as secure would give their customers a whole lot more confidence.

So, if the site you are looking at seems to be not proud of any certification, registration, or recognition, consider it a red flag. Likely, they are not registered at all.

Bonuses that are too good to be true

Bonuses are always on an online betting site. Many new users say that the kind of bonuses they get as a new customer influences their choice of where to sign up. However, a bonus that sounds too good to be true not be true at all.

No reviews…or a shady bunch of them

Reviews are your best friend as a possible new user of a site. They let you have useful insights on experience, system, and what are the things you should and should not expect from it. The absence of good reviews, or the suspicious absence of a bad review, can be considered as a red flag.

On the other hand, be careful of shady reviews. These are reviews that came from fake profiles and are often reviews in English that came from poor translation software and have nothing to say but overly positive things.

Terrible or non-existent customer service

Customer service for a betting site is highly important. Since it is software and computer programs that are being talked about here, anything could go wrong at any time. It could be software glitching, bugs, payment problems, and the like. For that, 24/7 live support is important.

If you see that the site you are looking at has only an email for support or worse, only has a shady “Contact Us” message page (which you are not sure if anyone would be reading it at all), take a step back and reconsider. Would you want to play on a site where, if something goes wrong, you would be left alone?