5 Unique Strategies Employment Lawyers Should Be Implementing 

By  //  April 16, 2021

There are a number of strategies that an employment law firm should implement when dealing with their clients.  These strategies center upon what attorneys should be advising their clients.

Employment law attorneys should be advising their clients about the development and implementation of policies. Before policies are rolled out to employees, these steps should be taken.  First of all, the new policy must have contract consistency.

It must not be in conflict with any employment contract. The policy must also be reasonable. This mean that it must not interfere with any employees personal affairs.  External experts may be needed to develop a new policy. For example, when developing a workplace drug policy. The client may need to consult with both drug and legal experts to develop the testing methodology. For sexual harassment policies, the employer made need to contact a sexual harassment professional. Dress codes can violate a person’s rights, so it is best to consult with an attorney for that.

The Drafting of Policies

An employment law firm needs to advise their clients that policies need to be put in writing whether it’s a hard copy or electronic.  All the elements of the policy should include clarity, purpose, acceptable conduct, procedures and consequences.  In order for a policy to be enforceable, it must be clear and easily understood. The objective or purpose of the policy must be stated. For example, if it is a safety policy it must be outlined how this is to be accomplished.

The employer’s expectations of acceptable and prohibited behavior of the employee must be comprehensive. Concrete examples of prohibited behavior should be stated. This would include sexual harassment and drug use. Concrete examples of prohibited behavior should be stated. This would include sexual harassment and drug use. Things like the safe keeping up electronic devices should also be outlined.

Procedures and Consequence

Procedures and consequences need to be detailed. Examples of this would include things like this submission of receipt and investigation of a harassment complaint.  Any violation of a policy should have details. Keep in mind that a court may not uphold a first-time policy violation. However, a serious violation may warrant immediate dismissal, such as violence.

Manager and Supervisor Training

Although managers and supervisors do not create policies, they are critical in properly enforcing them. Training sessions for managers and supervisors should familiarize them with policy. Also discuss their responsibilities they have me for policy enforcement. The procedures from enforcing policies must be reviewed. It’s always helpful to give managers you supervisors case.  Companies can do inside training themselves or elect to hire external educators.

The Rollout of Policies

Whenever an employer rolls out a new policy, every employee should get a written copy. Each employee should also sign receipt of receiving a written new policy. This signed receipt should be placed in the employee’s personnel file. Department policy manuals can be distributed also.

It is very important that every employee has easy access to policy information. Each employee should also have the opportunity cake to ask questions about any policy if needed.  Clients need to be advised that the distribution of policies is critical in order for a policy to be legal and enforceable.

These 5 unique strategies for employment law firm will help them serve their clients best.

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