5 Ways Investors Make Money Renting Houses in Denver

By  //  April 7, 2021

Going into the property investment business is about creating a sustainable income while paying off a mortgage on a home you will eventually sell at a profit. Therefore, such investment decisions should not be undertaken lightly.

Finding suitable residential properties to invest in is essential.

Landlords have found Denver a lucrative residential real estate rental property investment proposition. Here are some ways that they ensure their investments yield high returns:

Getting the necessary assistance

Rental property investors find that managing their properties can be a time-consuming challenge. However, help is at hand if you are having similar problems. Instead of allowing issues to spiral out of control, you would be better served if you get property management services in Denver you can trust.

With decades of experience under its belt, Evernest has an established reputation and solid track record of delivering on its promises. These include professional service that makes rental property ownership convenient and effortless.

Property management companies play a vital role in making landlords’ lives easier. They act as a go-between for landlords and tenants, troubleshooting any issues that might arise. Therefore, a property owner does not need to worry if a tenant does not pay their rent or reports a maintenance issue as a company agent deals with the matter.

Rental property investors are advised to research different property management companies in the area to find one that best suits their needs.

Some landlords work with large property management corporations like Newmark Knight Frank, while others prefer to work with someone local. Regardless, the landlord needs someone who is up to speed with local rental trends, and Denver property owners find this helpful for getting the right tenants renting their residential properties.


Like many larger metropolitan areas, Denver is a diverse city. It boasts various housing types in suburbs and areas that offer residents different options. For example, rental property investors in the area can buy a myriad of rental properties, from studio apartments to large houses.

Each property type appeals to different tenants, with families requiring larger dwellings, younger professionals seeking apartments, and students looking for commune-style living arrangements. Having a diversified rental property portfolio allows landlords to meet the demand for these various property types.

Local property rental management company Keyrenter Property Management Denver works with landlords that own any rental property. Their vigorous screening processes ensure that reliable, honest tenants who will hold up their end of a rental agreement are selected to live there.

Active involvement

Too many landlords start with great intentions but wind up slumlords whose properties are not fit for any human to live in. Once their activities draw local authorities’ attention, these rental property owners are subjected to legal proceedings and fines. Courts could also insist that they pay damages to affected tenants.

Denver property owners agree that regular maintenance and repairs are an essential part of being a good landlord. However, staying on top of these tasks is challenging when they own multiple properties or have other professional commitments that prevent them from devoting sufficient time to such activities.

Paying a property management company a percentage fee to replace the landlord’s involvement in the day-to-day operations of property ownership can yield many benefits. The long-term time and cost savings should be enough to convince landlords that putting these responsibilities in the professional’s hands is worth the expense.


Denver’s average rental price is a little more than $1,500, although prices vary from one area of the city to another. Some areas have an average rental rate of $1,000, while others cost tenants more than $2,000.

When shopping for rental property, the area’s investors’ buy-in usually falls into the mid-price range. Buying in a very upscale area is risky as people who want to live in such areas tend to buy property instead of renting. Middle-class residential homes tend to attract families who want to live in them long-term while raising their children.

Denver home prices and rental charges cost a little more than the national average. However, they have remained stable, showing continued growth in recent years. Investors who price their rental properties within the norm for an area tend to get tenants quickly.


When setting a market-related rental figure, rental property investors ensure that what they charge will cover their mortgage and other expenses. The excess amount is a profit the landlord generates. Some properties do not yield great gains in the short term but will do so once the mortgage is settled.

In addition to rental income, landlords can also write off any expenses they incur as part of their rental business as a tax-deductible. Keeping meticulous records is the key to doing so successfully. Therefore, detailed documentation for each expense a landlord intends to claim should be available. Many property owners find that consulting a tax specialist ensures that their returns are processed without incident.