Are You Fussy About Fibre?

By  //  April 29, 2021

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One word that you strongly hate is buffering! So when fibre was introduced, you automatically awaited the ability to harness strong, quick internet that would take away all of your buffering woes.

The truth is with the FTTC internet connection that you currently have, you may have noticed that while the buffering incomplete circle no longer appears, there is a slight lag causing your internet to be slower.

Is the lag becoming too much of a burden for you? Are you craving faster internet speed? Perhaps you are a gamer and would benefit from having the speed or are you working from home and can’t afford any slow internet setbacks? If you are in this boat, stop pedaling and get new oars to help you sail the web faster.

Superfast Fibre

So, what if you could get superfast fibre? You answered, “Yes,” hoping that superfast fibre is certainly a possibility. The truth, however, is that it can be an option. So how can you get superfast fibre?

Get correctly wired

One of the reasons why your internet speed may not be as fast as you hoped it would be is because of the wiring that is used to draw the internet from the street cabinet into your home. Normally, copper wires are used alongside fibre optic wires to draw the connection into your house.

Superfast fibre packages allow you to gain the potential of using fibre optic wires only.  The fibre optic wires have been specifically created to handle the data transmission. If you do need cables to be installed, the process of making the change to superfast fibre can take several weeks.

It’s all about the download speed: 

When it comes to Superfast fibre, you need to consider download speed. If when you test your internet, your speed is 24mbps or more it means that you have certainly obtained faster internet. It is all about the package that you choose for your home.

Ask service providers if it’s in your domain: 

While you may be tempted to pay any cost for superfast fibre, note that not everyone can get this internet option. You need to call your service provider who will help you understand if you are eligible for superfast fibre in your area. Statistics show that over 85% of homes in the United Kingdom can now get the superfast fibre option so there is hope for you too.

Cost setbacks:

While the superfast fibre option will be a delight for all members of the house, you must fester the cost into your monthly budget. You can expect to pay a rate based on the package that you opt for. Expect to pay about 50 pounds or more for the installation of this internet option. 

The ease of finding a superfast fibre provider:

In the UK, the amount of companies offering superfast broadband has also considerably increased so you shouldn’t meet any difficulty finding an internet provider who offers superfast fibre. 

Having superfast fibre in your home will enable you to take total advantage of the internet. Imagine a Zoom meeting with no internet interruptions. Sounds like a dream, right? A very attainable dream!