Athleisure Isn’t Just For Women, Check Out These 3 Brands For Men

By  //  April 29, 2021

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Athleisure has been one of the most popular fashion trends for women over the years but now the men are starting to catch up.

Afterall, men are incredibly dynamic creatures who just love to run, jump, climb, crawl, and sprint or whatever physical activity catches their fancy at any given moment — it only makes sense therefore that they wear clothes that will give them the ability to do these things without the embarrassing ordeal that comes with scenarios such as ripping one’s jeans in front of dozens of people because you had to show off that fancy new Karate move that you learned. 

Not only that, but wearing athleisure for men makes you look like you are a man on the go and that you take your body and your responsibilities seriously.

Even if you do not yet have the athletic figure that you are working on, wearing athleisure will give off the impression that you are sporty and that you could be hiding a great body underneath that tracksuit. 

So if you are new to men’s athleisure you are probably wondering where to start and which brands to choose. Here are 3 of the best athleisure for men brands to try out this year. 


When it comes to athleisure and fitness attire, it is hard not to pass up on the ultimate crowd favorite. Based out of Oregon, Nike has been around since 1964 and has produced some of the most iconic sporty looks of all time. 

Even though they did not use to be an athleisure brand and were more focused on shoes and uniforms, they have since pivoted and are leading the way in both male and female activewear. 

Part of what makes Nike so successful is that they are able to get big-name stars like Lebron James to wear their clothes on a regular basis, influencing the millions of fans that are raring to follow their idol’s fashion choices. 


Just as how Nike is one of the most popular athleisure brands in the United States of America, the European counterpart is definitely none other than Adidas. Adidas is actually an older brand than Nike with it originating in Germany in 1949.

The best thing Adidas has going for it is that whereas Nike is primarily partnered with American Football and Basketball, Adidas is primarily partnered with Association Football, otherwise known as Soccer. The fact that it supplies clothing and uniforms for the world’s most popular sport, a sport that dwarfs both the fan base of basketball and American football gives it a clear advantage at least in Soccer loving countries. 

Willy California

It would not be a complete list of the best male athleisure brands to try in 2021 without including some up-and-coming brands that have their own distinct advantages compared to the more established giants. One such brand is Willy California, coming out of one of the best markets for male athleisure, Los Angeles California. 

What makes WillyCalifornia so unique compared to the more established brands is that they give off a more casual look compared to others, giving them a wider range and more versatility. You cannot walk into your office, for example, while wearing activewear that makes you look like you are about to go to a track meet. Willy California gives you all of the advantages that you would expect from activewear while giving you more options on where you can wear their clothes. 

Now you are aware of the best male athleisure brands available in the market. Check these brands out and you will be looking like the next David Beckham in no time!