Best Games to Play with Family

By  //  April 7, 2021

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The coronavirus pandemic is going on across various countries of the world. Many countries have decided to implement lockdown for several months. The schools are colleges are closed since March 2020.

During this free family time, we have brought some exciting games for you. We will suggest you the most interesting games that you can play with your family.

Best Games to Play with Family

It is not easy to stay inside the house for an entire day, but the Covid-19 has forced us to do so. As a parent, you may have some household and may be you are working from home i.e. doing your office work at home. But the kids have nothing to do and they can watch television or play some video games.

The kids can play video games or watch television for one to two hours. Thereafter, they will get bored and ask you to let them go out and play. You cannot allow them to go out but you can give them interesting games to play inside the house. You can also participate in some games to encourage your kids to play the games.

#1. Carrom Board Game

The kids of all age groups like to play carrom board. Many people take their kids to game clubs for playing the carrom board game. You can buy a decent quality carrom board and then ask your kids to play different games on it. It is a great time pass, your kids can spend hours of time playing on the carrom board. It comes with one striker, 9 white coins, 9 black coins, 1 queen and four pockets in each corner of the board.

How to Play:

Suppose the kids decide to play Black & White, two or four kids can play this game. If four kids are participating, they should play as two teams of two players. One team will focus on sending white coins into the pocket, the other team will send black coins. They can touch the queen when only one coin remains. The team that sends queen and cover (last coin) into the pocket will win the game.

#2. Stacking Cups Game

It is very interesting game for kids and adults. This is not just a game, it will also check who has more speed in doing the task without any mistake. It does not require much tools. You just need a dining table or other table with empty top, you can also use any other flat surface. You will also need a set of plastic or paper cups. Don’t use tea cups as they are too small, you should use medium size cups that the players can stack them properly.

You need at least 10 cups of same size and color and a stopwatch or timer to play this game. You can use more cups if you want to make it bigger and more interesting. All the kids can participate in this game as one by one. If you don’t have a timer, you can use your iPhone or android smart phone.

How to Play:

Get an empty table top and ten paper paper. Ask 1 kid to stack the cups as four at bottom, three on them, then two and finally one within one minute. Then the second kid will try it. In this way, the kid who will complete the cup staking task in least time will win the game.

#3. Jump On A Trampoline

A trampoline can help the kids to have enjoyment and exercise at the same time. You can buy an best  indoor trampoline and set it up in your hall or rec room or at a safe place inside your house. Make sure there is at least ceiling is at least 7 to 8 feet from the floor so that the kids can jump safely on the trampoline. You can see the best trampolines for kids by visiting the website at

How to Play:

Playing on a trampoline is very easy but you need to take care of safety guidelines. Make sure the kids are jumping on the trampoline one by one, never allow multiple kids to play on the indoor trampoline. Always keep an eye while kids are playing on it. Don’t let any kid perform trampoline tricks or flips as it may turn into an accident.

#4. Dumb Charades Game

The kids should learn to express themselves with face expressions, gestures and body language. All of these skills can be developed in a Dumb Charades Game. The best part is that this game does not require any tools or toys. You just need to have at least four people so that the game can be interesting and competitive as well.

How to Play:

You need to prepare some paper slips by writing some artist names or movie names or phrases or book names or TV shows. You can select on topic e.g. movies and write different movies names on different paper slips. The put all the paper slips into a bowl.

One kid will walk to the bowl and pick one paper, read it and then the kid will have to explain it without speaking. The kid can use facial expressions, body language and gestures to explain the movie name. Other kids are required to see that kids’ expressions and guess the movie name.

#5. Pictionary Game

This game is similar to Dumb Charades but the way of expression is different. In Dumb Charades Game, the player was explaining through facial expressions, gestures and body language. In this game (Pictionary), the player needs to explain by drawing it on a paper or a white board. This game can be more interesting if you play as two teams or two or three persons each.

How to Play:

First of all, count the number of players and divide them into two equal teams. Then write movie names or artist names or food names or phrases or book names or TV shows or anything you like. For example: you have selected foot names. Now, write down different food items names on different paper slips and put all slips into a bowl.

A player from first team will go and pick one paper slip from the bowl. Then he will draw that food item on the white board using a marker. That player’s teammates will guess the food name. If it’s right then they score one point. Thereafter, a player from second team will go. Make sure all players of both teams get a chance to pick the paper slip and draw on the board. This game will also develop drawing skills in your kids.

In this way, you can play many interesting games with your family members.