How Car Accidents Are Different from Semi-Truck Accidents

By  //  April 21, 2021

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There are some essential differences between an automobile accident and industrial motor vehicles or a semi-truck accident. There are so many different variables that come into action.

However, this blog will help break it down for you. If you were an unlucky victim of one of these accidents, it is good to know how the legal process will work out to be qualified to fight for the settlement you deserve.

First and foremost, it is an outstanding idea to find an attorney who has given their life to commercial motor vehicles or semi-truck accident cases. This case is challenging and requires an experienced truck accident attorney armed with the right questions, such as lawyers working at Wiener & Lambka.

The Damage from a Semi-Truck Is More Severe.

The cruelty of a truck accident can shake a victim and their family to the heart. The injuries are more complex and often end in a wrongful death case. The result of a semi-truck is much more important than that of a car. Not only is there more real damage to the vehicle involved, but it usually results in permanent or long-lasting issues.

Understanding the Causes of These Accidents

Another significant distinction between a commercial motor vehicle or semi-truck and a car accident is thinking about its cause. The bulk of the time, truck accidents tend to be made by a different set of features.

Car accidents are caused by the error of a single driver error. Trucking accidents, on the other hand, tend to happen because of their absolute size. They tend not to be able to stop as fast and odd turns.

Another factor in this type of accident is a material failure or manufacturer faults, which would result in a lawsuit against the truck’s manufacturer. The driver and truck company must have other check-ups on the car.

An expert law firm, handling semi-truck accident cases, such as Wiener & Lambka will know how to thoroughly study the cause of a truck collision.

Examining how the accident happened and who is unconcerned and what liability lies were to secure the victim has the coverage they deserve and will allow for future medical treatments is especially challenging in trucking accidents.

Figuring out economic losses, non-economic damages, and punitive costs is another reason not to attempt to take on these kinds of cases without a law firm’s expertise.

Truck Accident Injuries Are More Serious

In an accident with a tractor-trailer, the result is nearly always disastrous for the victim’s injuries. Trucks, such as 18-wheelers, are long, tall, and almost 30 times heavier than cars.

With this being said, they are at a much greater risk of causing collisions resulting in severe burns and disability to other road users. For all of these cases, you will need a professional and experienced lawyer who knows the details and can offer effective solutions.

The attorneys at Wiener & Lambka have been working with such cases for years and have developed the necessary expertise. They charge on a contingency fee basis, meaning they don’t obtain any legal fees unless or until we collect an award or compensation from their client. Their clients do not need to give any money to us to maintain our services.

They will also pay the costs acquired in their client’s cases up-front, knowing that the client is always eventually responsible for the costs of their case. They review their fees and expenses, particularly with every client, and inform them of their case’s risks and awards.

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