How Much Revenue Do the Jacksonville Jaguars Bring to the State of Florida?

By  //  April 6, 2021

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The Jacksonville Jaguars are one of the biggest sports teams located in the state of Florida, although the ‘Sunshine State’ can boast that they have a number of top sports teams all situated in the southeastern part of the United States of America.

Of course, there are the Miami Dolphins and Super Bowl 55 Champions, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, alongside the Jacksonville Jaguars in the NFL, whilst there are many successful teams competing in other professional sports leagues up and down the state.

Jacksonville Jaguars might not be the most successful but still draw appeal

The Jaguars have not been as successful as many of their neighbours, though, however they still remain a rather popular franchise and one that has been able to continue to attract interest to the state of Florida, as well as with bettors using places such as for all of their sports betting needs.

In fact, according to data that is available, the Jaguars have continued to increase the amount of revenue that they have been able to receive over the years. For example, taking data from between 2001 and 2019, the NFL franchise has seen revenue increase from $137 million in 2001 to a huge $443 million in 2019 (all prior to the pandemic that wiped out the sports scene for many).

Indeed, a lot of the money that they would have generated will have come from matchday tickets and merchandise, as well as food and drinking stalls that are located in and around TIAA Bank Field (which will have also generated much of the revenue via sponsorship/branding means), but how much would that money have brought to the state of Florida?

Florida a little different to other states

The state of Florida is a little complex compared to many of the others in the USA, with the “Sunshine State” one of a very few that do not have an income tax. Although residents and businesses still have other taxes that they are required to pay, income tax is not, therefore the state of Florida could be argued to be missing out on huge portion of revenue.

Traditional game in Britain will only help boost revenues brought to Florida by Jacksonville Jaguars

However, there will be many other ways they are able to earn, especially with the Jacksonville Jaguars having a huge impact in the United Kingdom. The NFL franchise regularly play a match across the pond, and whilst that may bring in extra income for the British, it also has the ability to provide the state of Florida with more money as well.

This is because those fans that witness matches played at the venues in the UK may want to experience it where it is traditionally played, therefore increasing the amount of tourism within the state of Florida, thus bringing even more revenue in.

Just simply having an established NFL organisation located in the state – although there are three in total – will have had a huge economic boost on the state of Florida, as it means they are able to capitalise on the revenues spent by fans from all around when their team plays a game.