How to Become an Ethical Hacker? Everything You Need To Know

By  //  April 12, 2021

I already know that just by entering to read this post you have the “great desire” to become a hacker one day. I don’t blame you, being a hacker these days is like being a kind of “Super Hero” in and out of the virtual world, a dream that many of us had since we were children, and perhaps, right now, you are determined to fulfill it.

This is fine, I support you 100% in your company, as long as you become an Ethical Hacker, also called a “White Hat” or a Penetration Tester.

In the computer world, there are many types of hackers, there are the bad guys (Black Hat), the “between two” (Gray Hat), and the good guys (White Hat).

The idea of ​​this post is not to elaborate much on the different races of hackers that exist, but rather, the objective is to guide you in how you can become one of the good ones (White Hat).

However, there are two ways to become an ethical hacker first is to hire a hacker and the second is to learn hacking skills.

First of all, being an Ethical Hacker, you can earn a living with this profession and incidentally, they will pay very well.

Most of the “White Hat” hackers are dedicated to working in corporations securing the systems, networks, and servers of the companies, carrying out constant tests of “Penetration Testing”, in order to find security vulnerabilities and correct them.

A job like this, being a “rookie”, that is, a novice, you can earn a salary between the US $ 50.00 and the US $ 75,000.00 depending on the company that hires you.

A person with a lot of experience in IT and who is certified with some good security certifications such as Certified Ethical Hacking or Cisco CCNP Security can get an even higher salary.

Those who decide to open their own consulting business can achieve an annual income of over US $ 100,000.00.

What should you do if you want to become an Ethical Hacker?

You must follow the following steps:

Learn to program: 

Never in your life will you be considered a hacker if you are not able to write code. In addition, in your work of “ethical hacking,” you will often have to write your own programs and scripts or make modifications to adapt them to the needs of the moment. Get started right now by learning C ++, the language of hackers.

Learn Linux: 

Linux is an operating system developed by hackers for hackers. In Linux, you will learn how an operating system really works and how it interacts with the hardware of your computer.

Most of the hacking tools are developed for Linux. In addition, all the hackers that you are going to meet use it, and it will be easier for you to belong to the “community” since Linux is a common element that unites them all.

Learn Security: 

Study and prepare to obtain an IT security certification within the industry. You can start with an entry-level certification like CompTIA Security + and then move on to a higher status certification like Certified Ethical Hacking or Cisco CCNP Security.

Learn English: 

English is the standard language within the hacker culture and the Internet. Learn to speak and write the English language correctly, as it is an almost mandatory requirement to be accepted within the hacker community. Hackers tend to be loud and rude to people who cannot spell English properly.

Stay within the law: 

It can be very exciting to always be in the computer “underground” trying to carry out DoS attacks, SQL Injection, Phishing, etc., against websites on the Internet, but the truth is that this does not lead to anything good in the long run.

Possibly, if you dedicate yourself to this, you will end up in a federal prison charged with computer crime. So stay away from those things. Be clear, use your knowledge for productive and legal things.

Learn “Social Skills”: 

Forget the idea that a hacker is a lonely, antisocial type, who does not share with others, lie! part of the skills of a good hacker is knowing how to relate to others. Learn to deal with people and manipulate them in a certain sense.

Not all “Hacking” work is purely technical, much of the work is human, deceptive, and manipulative. All this “Skill Set” is called Social Engineering.

These are some of the most important skills you must learn on your journey to becoming an ethical hacker. There are others, but you will get to know them as you go along the way.

Other tips to become an ethical hacker:

■ Read books, computer magazines, articles, and blog posts. Never limit yourself to one book, one publication, or one author. The more points of view, the better.

■ Don’t limit yourself to a specific technology or a specific community of experts. TI is just based on bits and bytes. In cybersecurity, there is no room for dogmas.

■ Learn encryption and practice.

■ Play and test your skills. Don’t just learn to hack. For example, start with Cryptopals and OverTheWire.

■ Learn how to disassemble and rebuild computer equipment. Program and deprogram the software. Identify your own weaknesses and understand what you are doing and the problems you are experiencing.

■ Contribute to a free software project.

■ Learn about cybersecurity and personal data protection.

■ Find people who share your interests, join research groups, forums, groups.

■ Deepen your knowledge. Learn about the processes to strengthen the defenses of a computer.

■ Become a TCP / IP expert and practice packet crafting.

■ Rediscover in detail the different operating systems.

■ Learn how to restore an old laptop. Run virtual images with different operating systems and test attacks/defense methods.

■ Try new codes and tools. Learn how to adapt them to your needs. Don’t trust any tool found on the internet.

■ Install some games and cheat. Can you connect a bot to the game and play?

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