How to Get Your Brand Seen

By  //  April 13, 2021

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Contrary to what many people think, branding goes far beyond just having a logo or a website. Rather, successful branding involves building public awareness of your firm to create a bond and a long-lasting impression of your company and its operations. 

While there is no fast-track solution to building your brand and instilling an emotional connection with your business in the minds of your clients (both existing and potential), there are several tried-and-tested tactics you could employ to generate overall interest in your firm.

Develop a voice and personality for your brand

As mentioned, there’s a common misconception among many business owners that branding is almost a one-way street and that having a logo or being online is enough to promote a firm. In reality, branding is much more of a two-way process where you as a company try to build a relationship with your clients and they, in turn, form a tie of loyalty with your firm. One of the most effective ways to foster this relationship is by giving your company a ‘personality’ or a ‘voice’. As humans, we are innately drawn in by a story so giving your brand a voice can help people relate more to your company, its aims and aspirations. 

Get out there on social media

The world of marketing, advertising and PR was turned on its head with the advent of the internet 30 years ago. However, as the web has grown and matured, it has transformed into much more of an active experience – and no technology embodies this more than the exponential growth of the major social media platforms. Social sites have democratized publishing, allowing anyone with a computer and a connection to become an effective publishing house. 

Your company needs to engage positively with social media to interact with your clients and build a following. In the pre-social days, your customers would have to visit your corporate site for updates or promotions news – however, with the growth of platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, all you need to do is post announcements and they’ll be featured in your followers’ feeds. If used effectively, social marketing can bolster your client base and augment sales.

Use the power of free advertising with branded apparel and merchandise

The techniques used in branded clothing and merchandise have come a very long way in recent years and it’s now possible for companies even on the most limited of budgets to take advantage of technologies that were previously the preserve of much larger, richer firms. By producing branded apparel, you can strengthen connections with your clients and suppliers while also enjoying the free advertising that comes from them wearing your branded clothing. There is a vast range of items you could look to producing – everything from T-shirts to custom made hats or sweatshirts/hoodies. 

Moreover, if you also supply your staff with branded workwear, you’ll go a long way to instilling company loyalty while also establishing a coherent, structured marketing message across all levels of your firm. 

The power of guest blogging

Some people still consider blogs to be the mainstay of angst-ridden teenagers or personal bloggers but, in reality, many firms are now running secondary blog sites alongside their main website to offer additional information that might not quite fit with their more structured and formal front-end site. Guest writing for a blog site can help show your firm’s prowess and knowledge and can offer a very valuable marketing channel – one that’s regarded as being far more impartial than any other form of advertising or promotions.