How to Make Business Relocation Easier for Your Employees

By  //  April 24, 2021

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Business relocation are a core part of business operations. It is a sign that the business is growing and you need to move to a better facility to support the growing needs of the business.

As you announce the news to the employees that they will have to relocate to the new address, the response is a combination of excitement, fear and a concern about the logistics arrangements to be made.

It is important that the management takes the right step and help the employees in making the big transition. The top 10 cross country moving companies unanimously vote for management support as a core of a smooth employee relocation process. It is crucial to understand that the moving process is as stressful for the employees as it is for you to change the office relocation.

The right initiatives from the management can ensure that the stress of moving can be minimized for one and all. The ultimate benefit of a smooth relocation is passed on to the business as the lowers the stress, the smooth will be employees experience and smoother will be the workflow.

Here is a guide on how you can make the relocation process smoother for your employees and enjoy a flawless start of the business at the new location.

Start with preparing the employees for the new city 

When you give your employees an easy head start about the city, you can ensure that they will have no hassles finding their way to the new life. Offer information such as the best neighborhoods to live with families, the best schools for children, and some shopping areas and food joints, It is even better if you can arrange a pre-relocation tour of the city for the employees. This will allow the employees in knowing the city well before they move in permanently with their families.

You can also ask your legal/ HR team to make details of the tax deductible in the new city. With enough information in hand, the employees can start preparing for other tax deductions and legally limit their tax deductibles.

Educate the employees about the relocation policy 

Having a relocation policy is a must for all concerned business. However, it is also crucial that you educate your employees about the benefits covered under the relocation policy. The employee must have a clear understanding of the benefits you offer, the costs you cover under the policy, and what are your plans for assisting the employees in finding a new house. If you want to build a positive work environment at the new office, you must ensure that you offer the right support to your employee’s right from the start.

You must educate the employee about your plans with the relocation policy. Even if the employee is being relocated for a short-term, make sure you discuss all aspects of the relocation with him/ her and also what happens when he/ she returns.

Finally, make sure you allow the employees an open space to ask questions and their doubts. Open communication can help you prepare a happy team of confident employees.

Help them in finding temporary housing 

Finding housing option is the first thing to do when you reach to a new city. If the housing is a part of the employee package, your employees know where to start. However, housing is not covered, it is a good thought to help the employees find a temporary housing option before they find their dream home.   For temporary housing, you can help the employees with discounted price at hotel rooms, or getting a lodge on fair prices for the said period.

If you are not providing the housing option, you can always help the employees with a list of housing options. Leaving the employees wandering to find the right temporary housing can make them distressed.

Help them arrange for essential ahead of time

There are a lot of arrangements that the employees have to make when moving to a new location. If you want your employees to be stress-free and focus on the smooth workflow instead of worrying about the moving arrangements, make sure you offer them some help. Your HR department can help the employees with child’s admission in schools and colleges, transferring the bank accounts, transfer of driver’s license and health insurance and more. You can even buy the passes of the public transportation system for the employee’s ad if the employees have pets, offer them with leads of pet hostels or veterinarians in the city.

Partner with a reliable moving company 

At last, make sure you partner with a credible moving company for business relocation and employee relocation services. A professional moving company will ensure that you have a smooth experience moving your office assets and also that your employees enjoy a hassle-free moving experience at the personal end.

If relocation company assistance is not a part of the relocation package, you can offer leads of the best moving companies to your employees and let them choose the best one.

The more you help your employees, the smother will be the transition for them, as well as for you. Makes sure you follow the above-mentioned tips and have a smooth relocation to the new business location with happy and stress-free employees.