How to Make Line Marking Easier?

By  //  April 27, 2021

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Line marking is an important part of making the spaces meant for exercise and play more organized. When it comes to professional sports, it’s extremely important that the fields and arenas meant for playing various sports are marked properly since the lines mark the rules of the sport.

However, it’s not easy to draw lines on a big football pitch or a huge playground. Luckily there are ways to make this much easier, which we’re looking into in this article.

Who needs line marking solutions?

Drawing lines on a pitch or a field can seem easy, but there’s a huge job and planning to do. There is usually a professional person who has planned and designed the way the space should look like, and it can take a lot of time and effort depending on the shape and size of the space. 

For example, sports organizations, schools, municipalities, professional stadiums and many other organizations have a need for easy ways of line marking because they don’t have much time and money to waste on useless actions. Therefore, it’s important to figure out ways to planning the fields and marking them accordingly as easy as possible.

What makes line marking especially difficult?

Oftentimes the planning of a sports field or another space must be done physically in the space by placing signifiers, like ropes and cones, on the field. This makes it easier to see how the space looks like in practise and whether the plan will work out well in a specific space. Doing the job with a traditional machine means that you’ll have to mark the field before drawing lines on it with the machine to be totally sure of the outcome. The paint of the machine can be difficult and time consuming to remove from the field, so it’s essential to get it right on the first try.

Modern line marking machines

Doing line marking manually is something from an ancient past. These days there are plenty of options of different machines which help you with marking even on big areas like football pitches. A modern line marking machine will make your job many times easier: you’ll just have to control the machine through an application and set it up – then you’re ready to go. While a traditional line marking machine would require you to mark the field and be present controlling the machine physically, a robot knows how to draw the lines right on its own. 

Plan everything virtually 

Being able to plan the space virtually is something most people would look for nowadays. The modern line marking machine is usually designed to be able to draw for various kinds of sports fields whether that’s a football pitch, a baseball field or a running track. 

In addition to the sport fields, you can usually draw your own custom field or hire a person who knows how to plan spaces. The machine would produce the exact lines on the field according to the plan you give to it. You’ll get a precise and exact field you play on.  

Save time and money from the hustle!

Since line marking can be very time consuming and financially expensive, if you need to use various people to do it for you. Planning a space virtually and using a line marking robot will save you from the worry of having to hire people or using too much time on the task. The risk of failing to mark the lines correctly is also smaller when you use a machine instead of people when carrying out your plan.