Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Muscle Gains

By  //  April 13, 2021

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Regularly going to the gym is not enough to ensure muscle gain. Even if you have been working out or lifting heavy weights frequently, all your efforts and money will go to waste if you are not doing it right. 

Having complete equipment or the most potent workout routine might help you gain muscles. Still, the question is, will you be able to continue gaining, or will you only ruin and lose your gains due to various mistakes you didn’t even notice you are making?

Even if you think you already proficient in muscle gain, you may be still making some mistakes such as: 

You Do Not Take Proper Supplements

There are so many supplements available in the market, whether for weight loss or muscle gain. If your goal is to gain more and stronger muscles, then you must consider top rated amino acids as your supplements.

Amino acids can enhance your workout performance and help muscle building significantly. Additionally, it can also aid in recovery and muscle repair after an intense workout. Amino acid is also a great supplement to aid fat loss that will help muscle growth that will replace the lost fat. 

Not Eating Sufficiently 

If you thought that skipping meals will help you gain muscles, you are wrong. If you want to build muscles, you must take enough calories. Calories are the ones who are fueling your workouts and helps your muscles to grow and also repair after a strenuous day at the gym. 

You must know how many calories your body needs a day to help your muscles grow. To get the right amount of calories you must consume to ensure muscle growth, you will have to multiply your weight in lbs. by 15 or 17. The result is the number of calories you must consume in a day to aid muscle growth. 

Too Much Cardio 

When it comes to cardio, you must know when it is too much. Weight-lifting alone is the most effective and robust activity you can do to fight fats that hinders muscle growth. It is why you must focus more on weight lifting and cut back on your cardio. Do not waste your precious energy doing rounds of cardio exercises if your goal is to gain muscles. 

Individuals who are eager to burn fat tend to overdo their cardio, thinking that they burn more on the treadmill or the bicycle than lifting weights, but in reality, adding more cardio routine will only sabotage your weight gain. 

Doing the Same Routine Repeatedly 

If you are doing the same routine repeatedly, then expect that you will just hit a plateau which means that you will be where you are right now no matter how frequently you do your routines. If there will be an improvement, it will only be minimal, but most of the time, you will get stuck on that level forever. 

Your body quickly adapts to a workout routine if you do not change it constantly. It is best to change the routine every four to six weeks to see the best result. Routine change is the most effective way to overcome a plateau in muscle building. 

Not Tracking the Progress

One thing you can do to ensure that all your hard work pays off is to track your progress. By monitoring your achievements and setbacks, you can quickly know when to push yourself harder. You can write down your progress or use an app to log in your progress every day or every week quickly. 

You can also use your tracker to know whether you are hitting a plateau on your workout so that you can plan and change things up a little bit. Seeing how much you have improved over time can also motivate you to continue and take care of what you have achieved.

Not Setting a Goal 

Before you even sign up for that membership form at the gym, you must already set a goal and stick to it. Having a goal means knowing what exercise you must include in your routine. Some individuals go to the gym and do ridiculous exercises that don’t even have relevance to their goal, and this is because there is no goal set at all. 

Each exercise has its impact on our body, and doing the wrong exercise will compromise the result you are expecting. If you are working with a personal trainer, be vocal about your goal so that they will know what routine to give you. 

Some may have a weight-loss goal, and some may want to build muscles, or others want to improve their overall health. You must know which gym-goer you are so that your trainer can prepare an effective routine that fits best on your goal. 


Now that you know what the mistakes you unconsciously make that sabotage improvement and ruin your muscle gains are, it is time that you avoid it altogether. All the mentioned mistakes are not hard to avoid at all. It is all done by individuals due to a lack of knowledge. But now that you are well-informed, you can start avoiding it as soon as possible.