More Floridians Are Using Internet-Based Phone Services, Should You?

By  //  April 8, 2021

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In an ongoing effort to minimize their monthly bills, many people in Florida and elsewhere conclude that they should do away with using landlines and switch to a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) service.

Perhaps you’re thinking about doing the same. If you’re hesitant about changing to something new, VoIP services are probably not as unfamiliar as you might think.

Stop Phone Bill Surprises

VoIP services provide a data packet transfer method that allows multimedia communications between users. If you’ve talked to someone via Zoom or Whatsapp lately, those are two examples of popular apps that show the capabilities of VoIP services. However, people typically don’t use those services for their home phone services.

Instead, they choose residential VoIP providers that offer many of the features they’d expect from traditional landline options. A primary difference is that VoIP allows people to stop paying fluctuating monthly bills.

You’ve probably had at least a few occasions where your phone bill has been much higher than expected. In those cases, you may feel like a detective trying to solve the mystery of where your money goes each month. Fortunately, VoIP services exist that enable you to only pay applicable taxes and fees rather than another expense for simply having the phone service available.

Embrace an Emerging Trend

Recent data shows that Floridians are increasingly deciding that they have better choices than landlines now, whether using the phone for work or pleasure. Data collected in 2019 released for Florida indicated a 15.7% drop in wireline usage versus the previous year.

That statistic also represents a larger trend of a 51% decrease over the past five years. That change relates to nearly 1.7 million fewer lines used. Those changes make sense, especially when you consider how accessible the internet is to many people. If they can make calls using their online infrastructure, it’s no longer worth it to them to pay for a landline, too.

The widespread usage of VoIP services also means that providers offer a growing number of services. For example, you can use tools to block robocalls or prevent certain other numbers from reaching you.

Many companies in the voice over internet protocol space also give customers complementing apps. They allow using the service on their mobile phones or getting details about the people who try to contact them.

Get Clarification From Your Provider

As you research more about VoIP services for your home, you’ll find that they differ slightly in their functionality. One constant no matter which provider you pick is that people with analog phones do not need any special equipment to talk to you.

From your side of things, there are a few different options. One is that you use a VoIP adapter to make a traditional phone work with the service. In other cases, you could purchase a dedicated VoIP phone or make calls via your computer.

Before choosing a service, talk to providers to determine what to expect during the setup process and how long it will take. You’ll more than likely feel pleased with how easy it is to start using VoIP services in your home.

If you have any special considerations, such as that you work from home and make business calls frequently, bring such details up with your service provider so that they can steer you in the right direction and make suggestions based on your expected usage.

Make Your Phone Service Fit Your Needs

Perhaps you often think that landlines no longer suit your lifestyle and budget. If so, VoIP services for home use may be ideal for offering the improvements you seek. They typically give excellent call quality and sound no different to the people on the other end of the line compared to traditional phone connectivity.

VoIP services are not the best solution for all cases. However, they’re well worth further consideration, especially if you already use internet-based services regularly.