Online Dating as a Plus-Size Women – Things You Need to Know

By  //  April 14, 2021

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Are you someone who might be described as a ‘yo yo’ dieter? If struggling to lose excess weight only to put it on again has become a depressingly neverending cycle, perhaps this situation has impacted your confidence when seeking a partner?

Have you ever considered signing up for a dating website? Many individuals who might feel judged for their perceived ‘weight issues’ thrive in the online environment where there are so many outlets for plus size dating.

If you’re a big and beautiful woman here are the things you need to be aware of before embarking on an online dating journey.

Find a partner who appreciates BBW romance

When you embrace online dating, either by signing up to generic websites, or those specializing in BBW matchmaking, you are far more likely to be put in touch with individuals who are keen to interact with curvy women. When you upload your details to the dating sites’ profiles, celebrate your buxom figure in your photography portfolio. The members who alight on your page will have already appraised you, and if they like what they see, they can get in touch in so many different ways. They might choose to send you a ‘wink’ to informally let you know you have an admirer. 

Don’t give in to the weight police

Society can seem unfairly pro-skinny. When celebrities like film stars or popular singers appear to be carrying a few extraneous grams, they may well find themselves the subject of intense tabloid scrutiny. Models sometimes appear unnaturally thin rather than curvy and healthy. If you are plus-sized, be proud of this fact and never feel obliged to conform to some ridiculous notion of ‘the norm.’ Remember this crucial fact: every survey that has ever been commissioned on the subject will reveal males prefer voluptuous, feminine-looking figures to the androgynous look.

Cast doubts aside

You might enter the early stages of courtship with a bigger single from a position of apprehension, concerning yourself about what your friends might be saying behind your back, or if they are particularly tactless, to your face. But just remember that girls who are large physically are very often larger-than-life personality-wise. Embrace the fact you are in this envious position. So don’t dwell on what anyone else might be thinking. The chances are that any negative viewpoints or comments will exist in your imagination, nowhere else.

Never let your size hold you back

If you’re a BBW, the very last thing you should be is self-conscious. You’ll have a far more fulfilling time in the world of singles dating if you make the most of your assets.

As has been outlined, guys who are in the habit of registering with sites aimed at plus-sized women will already be fixated on meeting people just like you.

So whether you are video chatting with them or have arranged to go out on a date, don’t be afraid to dress appropriately.

You may well have heard the expression, ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it.’ This is so true where natural curves are concerned.

Wear a low-cut top that reveals your ample cleavage, or tighter-fitting blouses as opposed to shapeless shirts. Your new partner will be the envy of any other single guys who happen to be in the vicinity.