Pros and Cons of Moving to Florida from New York

By  //  April 9, 2021

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Every year, Florida sees a high intake of people trying to settle down and start afresh. Several times, you might have heard of people who have made plans and entertained the idea of moving from NY to Florida.

One of the common questions being asked revolves around the advantages and disadvantages of making that move, as there are different environmental factors to consider.  This steady influx of New Yorkers has been why Florida has topped charts when it comes to new residents and settlers.

Florida, a major state in the southeastern part of the US, is blessed with fantastic scenery due to its bordering of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. With a vast stretch of beaches, resorts, and fun spots, the state see an influx of millions of tourists and visitors.

A few of the major reasons people decide to move to Florida can range from personal, environmental, to financial reasons. However, we have decided to cover some of the pros and cons attached to the Florida move for most New Yorkers. In this article we’ll look at the pros and cons of moving to Florida from New York and also give things to examine when making that decision.

Pros and Cons of Moving to Florida from New York

After considering several pointers as to why you may want to move to Florida, we have created a list of pros and cons. These pointers are subjective and may be subjected to personal consideration based on your choices.

Pros to Consider

High Rate of Employment

Florida is a state that has been able to tackle the issue of unemployment within its citizens, with unemployment at a low rate. This is a good option for those searching for employment, which covers several sectors such as tech, agriculture, tourism, and several others.

Income Tax Break

Florida is one state that has its populace free from the income tax that most states mandate for their citizens. This is good news for most New Yorkers considering moving to the southeastern state, as they now have a break from the usual state income tax. The income tax break gives the resident increased leverage compared to those on the same wage cap in New York.


Summertime in Florida is one that most residents look forward to, as they get the chance to hang their feet out and enjoy the beaches and pools that litter the state. This humid and hot weather is one to look forward to.

Cost of Living

When you compare the cost of living in Florida against New York, you would have taken out a massive amount of cash when it comes to the difference. Living in Florida is cheaper than New York when you consider housing, healthcare, and transportation.

Solid Investment

Due to continuously increasing domestic as well as international migration to the state of Florida, the real estate values are constantly on the rise. In fact, in the last ten years Florida’s real estate appreciated 140% which equates to an annual home appreciation rate of about 9%. For New Yorkers planning to flee exorbitant living costs by relocating to Florida, investing their hard earned money in Florida’s real estate makes it a solid investment in their future, which is a definite pro.

Fun and Lifestyle

If you are spontaneous when it comes to enjoying the outdoor lifestyle, Florida is a great choice. The state is well endowed with facilities designed to provide optimum fun and a lavish lifestyle. With several amusement parks and theme parks, you are sure to find something interesting to engage in during your stay. The nightlife in Florida is also topnotch, with clubs and casinos adequately placed throughout the state.

Cons of Moving To Florida from New York

Since we have talked about some of the pros of moving to Florida from New York, you must also understand that it comes with its drawbacks. This just proves that nowhere is 100% perfect, and there are some flaws and imperfections.

High Humidity

Since you are coming from New York, one of the shocks you’d have to deal with is Florida’s humid conditions. The humidity and heat levels can be so high that you’d have to operate on air conditioning most times. However, there are beaches and pools to ease the weather!

An excess influx of People

Florida can be overcrowded because it is a tourist location, leading to the influx of millions of tourists over the year. So if you aren’t great with crowded places, then Florida may not be a great choice.

Less Serene Landscape

If you are used to the beautiful view of mountain areas and valleys, then Florida would be a shock. The terrain of the state is relatively flat!

Moving to Florida from New York can be a great choice; however, moving your personal effects can be challenging. If you are planning to make that move, though, Piece of Cake Moving & Storage is a great choice to handle your moving challenges. They are a moving company in New York with ample experience in helping with the moving process.