Reasons Why You Need to Call Appliance Repair Professionals

By  //  April 15, 2021

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The dishwasher, oven, fridge, washing machine, and dryer are some of the handy home appliances we cannot live without.

Unfortunately, we often take these appliances for granted, only to realize their importance, when they break down. If you are an enthusiast DIY, handling some of the simple repairs will save time and money. However, if the problem is out of your capabilities, it is best left to the professionals. Are you in need of appliance repairs? Learn how to tell if you need to call appliance repair professionals or when you need a replacement.

Common Appliance Problems That Can Be Fixed From Home

Paying attention to how well your appliance is performing may help you save money and embarrassing moments. Fixing inconsistency issues with your appliance at the start may prevent the need for a costly replacement. Being vigilant on how your appliance is performing may also ensure that you get the best from it. It may also help save money on electricity bills. Most often, a faulty appliance tends to consume more power than it should.

There are various obvious reasons why you may need appliance repairs at home. The most common thing is where the appliances stop working. For instance, your dishwasher may fail to start. While you may result in handwashing, this process is tedious and takes a lot of time. Hand washing also consumes a lot of water; therefore, you may end up paying more on the water bill. Having your appliances running again will save time, effort, and money. Besides the failure to operate, appliance repair specialists can help solve other common appliances problems from home.

Appliance Warning Signs

Just like your vehicle, our appliances have various warning signs to indicate that not everything is working, as it should be. These signs may manifest for a long period, or just a few minutes before it stops working. The key here is being vigilant. Take your time to listen and observe your appliance from the moment you hit the on the switch. This doesn’t mean you should stand and watch it every time, but it is important to do it from time to time. Doing so will enable you when it is running smoothly and when it is not. Below are some of the warning signs that you may experience with some of the common home appliances.

Your washing machine or dishwasher causes a flood

Water damage can be expensive to fix. While you can easily clean a small pool of water in your kitchen or laundry room, steadily leaking appliances can lead to serious damage. More often than not, a leaking dishwasher or washing machine is the first sign that indicates that these machines are not working, as they should. Some of the other common signs from these appliances include; a burning odor coming from the machine, whining noises, or when the washer stops spinning. 

Dryers Repair

After so many years, you may notice that the dryer has stopped spinning, and your clothes are taking longer to dry or not drying at all. This could be a symptom of a broken drive belt. On the other hand, if the machine is overheating, that could signify that the element is shorted or that you need to remove the built-up lint.  On newer dryer models that have digital displays, you might have to replace certain modules or panels to fix the issue. When you see any of the issues mentioned above, it’s time for you to call on a repair company that specializes in dryer repair.

The appliance has electrical issues

When you are zapped when you touch an appliance or see the lights flicker when you start it, the most common problem is that the appliance has an electrical fault. Electrical problems are dangerous as they could lead to electrocution or worse cause fire. If you realize that, your appliance has any of the signs you should not only avoid touching it but also seek assistance from your nearest appliance repair specialist. 

A burning odor

Do you smell a burning odor coming from your dryer? Is there some smoke coming from your oven? No matter how insignificant the smoke or burning odor is, you need to call appliance repair right away. A small electrical fire can spread easily and damage the appliance or worse burn down your house. Besides calling a professional, ensure that you have unplugged the appliance. 

Not Hot Enough,  Oven Not Heating 

You are trying baking your favorite comfort food like lasagna, chicken pot pie, zity, baked mac n cheese, or any of your favorite sweets like apple pie.  You got everything prep and are ready to go.  You turn on the oven like you always have done, to preheat your oven to the perfect temperature for your dish.  You are waiting to hear that signal to let you know the oven is ready, but the alert never goes off.  There are few possibilities that could cause this like the oven coil, the thermostat, and on a gas oven, it could be an oven igniter.  Any of the mentioned above will require you to call an appliance repair professional to check and most like do an oven repair.

Not Cool Enough, Refrigerator Not Cooling, Freezing and Ice Build Up

You come home from work and open up your refrigerator door to get a drink.  The bottle doesn’t feel cold and notice that the fridge is not as cold as it should be.  You then check the freezer and see that there is a bunch of ice build up.  These are glaring signs that there is something wrong with your refrigerator.  If you don’t take care of it right away, the food will go bad.

The appliance needs replacement parts

Some parts wear down faster than others do. For instance, you may find that the pump in your washing machine isn’t working. Your Dryer’s circuit board may also be fried as you watch, while you can always purchase these parts, you are better off when a specialist handles the repairs.

Are you in need of Appliance Repair? /When should you call the appliance repair people? 

While being handy around your home can help you save lots of money, certain repairs are better left for a professional. True, a YouTube video and screwdriver may help you fix minor issues, but this is not always reality. A slight mistake could lead to worse damage. So when should you call the appliance repair people? Well, not unless you are confident that you are capable of handling the issue, you should always call a specialist. Are you in need of appliance repair? Here are some of the reasons you should seek appliance repair assistance from qualified professionals.

Appliance repair professionals have skills

For starters, appliance repair experts have the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to repair the appliance. These people have the know-how to troubleshoot, diagnose, and rectify the problem safely and in no time. This work requires precision and the right tools. Trying to do the repairs could create more damage or lead to a potentially disastrous situation for you or your loved one.

Professionals get the repairs done quickly

Picture this, your dishwasher is full of dirty dishes, and it suddenly stops working. And, it did so when you had guests for dinner. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to disappoint your family and guests. While you may try to fix it, it could take hours to figure out the problem. A qualified appliance repair professional has the skills and experience. They will quickly get it back running in no time, saving you time and effort. 

Saves you money

The appliance repair service costs money. As such, it is normal for you to worry about how much it will cost. While you may try to save some extra bucks by tackling the problem, you may end up doing the wrong repair. Inadequate knowledge and experience may mean that you may aggravate the problem. This could mean that you end up wasting your time and paying more money than you could have.

How to find reliable appliance repair in your area

With so many appliance repair services on the market, you might find yourself confused about whom to call. Of course, you’d want to get the best bargain, but it is also crucial to get a professional that delivers the best service. Here are some crucial tips to assist you on how to find a reliable appliance repair in your area.

Search by appliance

Next, you need to make sure that you pick an appliance repair company that is capable of repairing your particular appliance. Generally, the service provider lists the appliances and brands they repair on their websites. However, it is important to call them to ensure that they are knowledgeable about your appliance brand

Seek experienced professionals

Home appliances have complex parts and working mechanisms. Therefore, the first thing is to find a company that has plenty of qualified and experienced professionals. You should look for a company that is well established. Make sure you do detailed research and check on things such as the number of years the company has operated, the number of staff, experience, etc.

Confirm insurance and licensure 

Unfortunately, some of these appliance repair companies operate illegally. This means in case something goes wrong, or they do not honor what they promised, you will have nowhere to claim for the damage. Luckily, you can narrow down your choice by ensuring that the company is accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau) with at least an A- to A+ 

Rating. Always confirm their business license and insurance.

Research their reputation

Researching the company’s reputation is very easy. We have various consumer reports sites and aggregators like Yelp, Angie’s List, and Home Advisors, where you can get customer reviews. You can also check on their Facebook fan page and Google My Business Place to check on their past reviews. This will enable you to get more insights into the company’s customer service, service delivery, and expertise. These reviews will also help you find a company with honest pricing and fast next day appointments.


The benefits of using reliable appliance repair professionals are limitless. The best part is that you get your defective appliance back to running smoothly in no time. Skilled professionals will also do the repairs safely. This will save you time and lots of money. If your appliance problems are beyond your capabilities, contact an appliance repair specialist today, and get a quote on the service.