Things to Consider When Planning for a Full Renovation

By  //  April 12, 2021

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Are you planning a complete renovation of your house to make it look brand new? Do you want to live in a home that looks exactly like what you see on Pinterest or have seen on TV? These are some of the main reasons why people want a complete house renovation on their properties. These might be yours as well, but the question is, are you prepared? 

A total renovation is a massive project for your home. It requires a significant amount of money, time, and effort from you as the owner and the other people you choose to involve. Being prepared ahead of time could help you lessen the time consumed and finish the renovation maybe even earlier than anticipated. 

To know what things you need to look into and prepare for, look through these suggestions of items you must put in your renovation checklist as preparation.

Organize Your House Renovation

This is the first thing you must consider as this is where you can see the full 360 degrees of the renovation you are planning. It is best to list all the parts involved in the renovation project to know what to expect. 

Organizing the renovation will also help the project run smoothly and quickly. Although some hiccups along the way are expected, the impact would be minor if you have already organized everything beforehand. You can have a clear layout of the process, and solutions can come easy. 

Choose a Contractor

Once you have organized the renovation process, it is now time to look for a contractor to help you out with your renovation. Contractors should only be helping you out because, as the homeowner and financier of the renovation, you should be on top of it, and the contractor will only follow your instructions. 

You are the one who will live in that house, after all, so your decision has the utmost importance, and contractors are only present as support. Remember that communication is very important, and that the contractor will be in your home often for hours at a time. Hire someone who puts you at ease and communicates well with you.

There are several ways you can get hold of the best contractor in town: one is from a recommendation from your family and friends, second is searching for a contractor yourself. Before you hire one, make sure that you already did a background check of that said contractor, like checking their portfolios, license and certification, and references.

Planning and Design

Next comes down to planning and designing your dream house. It would help if you talked to your chosen contractor regarding your home’s design and planning. Tell them what you want and don’t want to have in your house. Be as detailed as possible so that the contractor knows exactly what you expect. 

Voice out all your concerns about planning and designing, but it is also best to keep an open mind. Consider every idea and suggestion of your contractor, but at the end of the day, know that it is your decision that will prevail.

Set a Budget

One of the most critical parts of a complete renovation is the budget. For sure, you already have enough funding on hand as you won’t be planning for a complete renovation if you are still short in cash. 

However, what you have to know is that the expected cost can differ from the renovation cost. It is why you must set a budget that is higher than expected to ensure that your project will continue and will be finished as planned. 

If you are still short on cash but want to start the renovation as soon as possible, you can consider taking up a loan to fill your budget deficit. But a piece of advice, you must only borrow an amount relative to how much you earn and how much you need. 

You don’t want to be buried in debt just because you wanted to fulfill your house renovation project. Additionally it is also best to acquire a loan that is insured by the Federal Housing Administration to increase your security when borrowing money from a lender. 

Know Your End Goal

Knowing your goal would also be best to focus all your resources and planning on your goal. Ask yourself what exactly your reason for renovating your home is? Is it to beautify it so that you can live in a lovely home for years to come? Or you wanted to increase the resale value of your home in case you want to sell it? 

Check out your neighborhood before you begin the planning and designing. Find out if there are any specific requirements for the exterior of your home. For example, living in a historic neighborhood may mean that there are changes, colors, etc that would not be permitted.

You should also know which renovation will give you a good return on investment or what you think is overdoing. By knowing and understanding your goal, you can have a chance to cut off the cost of the renovation and shorten the completion time.

To Sum It Up

A complete renovation project is a challenging and costly process, but if you know how to handle the project well and choose the right professionals to help you, your dream home will be up and ready before you know it. Choose wisely and be more hands-on to get what you want.