What Does A Sealed Indictment Mean? 

By  //  April 16, 2021

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In the judicial system field, the following words, a sealed indictment, is described in the following explanation. An indictment that the court seals means that an indictment is kept secret from the public eye until a specified time.

A sealed indictment implies that no individual can disclose the existence or contents of the indictment. No one is privy to whom the individual is under investigation and arrested, notified, or released before their scheduled trial.

The only individual who is allowed the contents of a sealed indictment is the person arresting the individual.  Protecting the rights of the accused is primary reason for an indictment.

An indictment can be a pending indictment meaning that the defendant has not yet been served, charged, or arrested. Indictments remain in a pending status until the Grand Jury examines all evidence.

The case of a federal indictment, also known as a bill indictment or true bill, contains written accusations forming the foundation of a criminal case in the Federal Court of the United States. The first step to this federal indictment begins when the prosecutor files their initial complaint.

Who Signs a Sealed Indictment?

Judges in a court of law do not sign sealed indictments. Persons who sign this document returned by the Grand Jury are signed by the Grand Jury foreman and the District Attorney. As soon as an indictment is sealed in a criminal case, the individual or defendant can enter their plea. If the defendant enters a guilty plea, the sentencing hearing can come quickly but, if the defendant enters a not guilty plea, their case proceeds to a court trial.

The purpose of an indictment is to prevent frivolous charges. The first step towards an indictment means that the prosecutor must convince the grand jury that there is enough evidence to file an indictment against the defendant. An indictment helps to bring in a verdict in favor of the plaintiff or defendant related to civil cases. In the case of a criminal case, the indictment leads to a guilty or not guilty call.

In all of these cases related to indictments, the defendant needs to hire a seasoned and experienced criminal defense attorney. This attorney has a track record of winning cases, protecting the defendant’s rights, and becomes an advocate for the defendant. Our specialties include the following family law areas: divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, divorce, and more.

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A Call to Action to Defend the Defendants’ Rights

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