When to Call a Lawyer After an Auto Accident

By  //  April 24, 2021

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A car accident lawyer aims to ensure that you get an adequate amount of insurance claim, so you are able to pay for your hospital visits, repairment costs of your vehicle or purchasing new parts, injuries and compensation for the difficulty in mobility for job purposes resulting in a deduction in salary for missing days.

An attorney who specializes in cases of car accidents aims to provide you with maximum compensation.

Know Your Rights

Incidents like these are fortunately not as expected, so naturally, people not well versed in their civil rights do not understand how to go about the whole situation, which means you should not have to give in and pay for the damages if you are not in the wrong. It makes sense that you might not understand what to do in that situation which is why a lawyer can guide you properly and try to make the most out of an otherwise awful situation.

The laws regarding car accidents differ from state to state. However, in Georgia, the person responsible for the damages is solely accountable for the vehicle’s wreckage and any injuries as is by law ordered to pay for it in full.

Your Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer will help you fully understand where you stand, what your rights as the victim are, and what you can do to protect yourself legally. Insurance Agencies can skillfully intimidate you into settling for a lesser amount – if any at all – than what you are within your reason to be paid. Your lawyer will make sure you are prepared to make your demands and secure your deserving claim.

Your Only Trusted (And Legal) Adviser

You will surely have easy access to plenty of (mostly unsolicited) advice from your loved ones as well as social media platforms you may choose to visit yourself for greater outreach to ask for an easy solution. You would prefer to not get involved in a lot of hassle and might get discouraged from seeking a legal proceeding, but this is exactly why we have professionals specializing in this specific type of law that looks into matters like these involving auto accidents.

Do Not Compromise on Your Settlement

Fighting for your claim is more complex than you might think. This is not to discourage you; with the help of a good attorney, you can gather substantial evidence to strengthen your case. With that being said, they can also help you look into the events of the mishap thoroughly and help dig out all the details involving the incident, such as police statements, pictures of the wreckage, and any other proof.

They will also get in touch with the other person’s insurance firm to file for a personal injury claim and help sue them if they don’t comply, and above all, they will represent you in court if you actually do end up going. Seasoned attorneys aren’t intimidated by insurance agencies and know how to go neck and neck with them.

The Less Obvious Services Your Lawyer Provides You

Expert Research and Resourcefulness

It goes without saying, in this business, you make a lot of valuable contacts. They can seek help from other professionals of similar fields, such as the police officers, to give more weight to your case. They could retrace their steps and go back on any leads they may have missed before and do a thorough search with their expert eye to make your case as undeniable as possible.

Calculate Your Damages

There are many hidden expenses that your untrained eye may not notice and instead only pay attention to the most obvious ones. However, while building your case, you would need to make sure you gather all your costs, so you are able to be compensated fairly. They will not only focus on the current damages on the vehicle or on self but also any expenses that would need to be paid in the near future as a result of the said accident. They can be – and not limited to – future visits to the hospital if any injuries occurred, the emotional distress caused by the experience and your decreased work mobility. They will accumulate all these costs and present an accurate figure for claiming.

Use Their Medical Contacts

The connections they have made in the field could come in handy for more reasons than one. They could talk to doctors they have a personal relationship with who can offer you beneficial services for your claims.

Since they have come across many similar situations in their life, they know more about how to handle the problem from a medical point of you. They can encourage you to seek out the best medical experts and help you choose from several treatment options to one that is best fit for you.