Why it Can Be Easier to See an Online Doctor About your Mental Health

By  //  April 23, 2021

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A century ago, it was almost impossible to get help with your mental health without being admitted to an institution. A decade ago, you might face a long journey to find somebody who could provide you with appropriate treatment.

Today, your computer or phone can bring a doctor to you, wherever you are. For many people with mental health concerns, this can be much easier than going to visit a doctor’s office in person, even if there’s one nearby. These are some of the reasons why.

You won’t have to cope with going out

If you’re exhausted by depression or struggling to overcome anxiety, just getting out to the corner store can require a huge effort. Mental illness can make you fearful of all sorts of everyday things or interfere with your basic coping skills so that, for instance, you struggle to find your way around.

It can make it difficult to interact with other people, and while medical professionals have training to help them work around this, you might worry about having to deal with members of the public on your journey there. Overall, it’s often much easier to talk to a doctor in your own home, with your familiar things around you, conserving your energy.

You can do it more discreetly

There’s still a lot of stigma around mental illness and many people prefer to keep it strictly between themselves and their doctors. Others don’t want family members to know because they’d prefer to spare them the worry, or are concerned about keeping bosses and work colleagues out of the loop because they don’t want it to compromise their professional lives. Whatever the reason, it’s much easier to be sure of privacy when you don’t have to visit a doctor in person. If you use your phone for your appointment, you can go anywhere that a signal is available, whether that’s a locked bathroom in your house or an isolated spot in the local park.

It’s easier to find the right person

When you’re limited to finding a doctor locally – especially if you need help with a rare issue that requires specialist treatment – it can be difficult to find somebody you really click with. In some situations, you might even struggle to find somebody competent. By contrast, this list of the best online doctors makes it simple to find what you need, and if you don’t get along with the first doctor you try, you’ll have plenty of additional options.

You’ll feel more in control

If you’re nervous about speaking to a doctor, as many people with mental illnesses are, doing it in the comfort of your own home can do a lot to boost your confidence. You can be sure that you won’t forget any notes you’ve made, and you can more easily have a friend or family member there to support you at the time or available straight afterward to give you a hug.

You can even have your pets there to provide comfort. If you also have physical symptoms to contend with, you’ll have all of your usual coping systems to hand. If the worst comes to the worst and you panic and simply can’t cope, you can always switch off.

It’s more convenient

For most people who seek help with a mental health issue, this is not the only thing that they have to contend with. You might have a busy job, have childcare responsibilities, live in a remote place, or have a physical disability that makes getting around difficult. It’s much, much easier to book an online appointment at a time that suits you, and not having to worry about travel cuts out a lot of the hassle.

It could save you money

Because online treatment provision comes with lower overheads, many doctors are able to offer it at a significantly lower cost than an office-based appointment. Saving a bit of money this way can allow you to stop worrying about the cost and focus on getting the right support.

Living with mental illness is difficult, but getting help doesn’t need to be. Consulting an online doctor could be the first step to accessing treatment that will turn your life around. Whether you go for talking therapy (also available online), try medication, or simply adopt some recommended lifestyle changes to see if they will make a difference, it will set you on the road to recovery.