Work From Home; A Stumbling Block

By  //  April 5, 2021

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The wretched year, or more commonly known as 2020, has been nothing less than a soap opera filled with suspense and drama. It indeed has been a ride for everyone as the world shifted its course upside down.

Among all the things this soap opera brought upon us, the pandemic has been the most daunting event. The word “pandemic” was far from existence in our dictionaries until it became a reality and was not something that only happens in movies.

Suddenly, the usual normal seemed unusual, and everyone was forced to adjust to a new lifestyle. This specific new lifestyle included something just as unique as the word pandemic but slightly more fascinating, “Work from home.”

A luxury or discomfort? 

The idea of working from home seems like a luxury. I mean, who does not want to sit at home on their couch and work directly there. Fascinating, no? It only seemed like a luxury from afar because now work from home meant 24/7 non-stop working, which was way more hectic than the monotonous 9–5 schedule. Consequently, the new working lifestyle gave birth to several health problems such as eyesight issues, constant back pain, and slumped posture.

Ways to make the process of work from home more accessible. 

1. Take care of your physical health:

At times, working from home does not have any fixed hours. You will be assigned work at any time. It is crucial to meet the deadline, which means sitting in an upright position for an unlimited time, affecting your spine and developing pain associated with the spine and adjacent areas. An effective way to deal with it is to sit in a proper position and support your back. Another favorable option that may come in handy is keeping some painkillers as a backup option. Considering the busy schedule and the current circumstances, going out may not be the best choice; this is where mail order prescriptions come into action, place an order for your preferred medicine and get it delivered to your doorstep

2. A designated workplace:

Ever since childhood, all of us have owned a study table. A place solely dedicated to studying, so the distractions do not affect us. Similarly, setting up a small designated workplace can help make the entire process relatively more straightforward. You must ask how? Let’s simplify it; the mind works in mysterious ways. If you tell your brain that this particular spot is exclusively for working, your brain will activate work-mode on the moment you sit there, giving you unlimited motivation to get started. Therefore, a designated workplace is vital.

3. Take care of your mental health:

Mental health is often neglected. However, it is just as essential as physical health. Allow yourself to relax after a tiring day; meditate, watch a movie or order your favorite food. Maybe you can call a friend and catch up with them. It’s the small things that keep you composed. Don’t forget to make your mental health a priority.


Working from home may not be the most pleasant thing to do in the world right now, but there are several ways by which you can make it easier and bearable.