How a Consultant Can Help Your Law Firm Run More Efficiently

By  //  May 14, 2021

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Law firms are like any other business in any industry. Law firms must run as smoothly as clockwork. Everyone must know their job and do their job to the highest perfection because profits determine how efficient law firms are in their daily routines. 

When a company hears the word consultant, this may bring about feelings of trouble on the horizon for that company. Many individuals believe that when a company is wavering on the brink of disaster, it is time to call in a professional consultant to help find root problems and get the company back on track. This belief is in error. In actuality, a consultant helps excellent companies stay on track with how that business is run. A consultant has the most up-to-date ideas for efficiency and productivity. Our company’s focus are law practices. 

Most companies hire someone who has the expertise and know-how to help that business drive forward with superior efficiency and consistently increase productivity. But unfortunately, few law firms hire this person to drive innovation in this technological world and soon discover that profits are not growing. We see few legal departments of large corporations and private law practices utilize a specialized professional to help their firm to move forward.  

Specialized consultants have the most up-to-date tools at hand to potentially revolutionize law firms and legal departments of larger companies to increase profits through driving efficiency forward. In addition, consultants help companies adjust to new challenges such as technology, including cybersecurity and the efficiency of how that business operates. 

Law Firm Consultants

Law firm consultants assist law firms in finding the right products and tools to increase their efficiency. Digital technologies are not going to go away. Instead, law firms must learn to use these technologies to their advantage. There are many areas of innovation that law firms can utilize, making them more efficient, productive, and profitable. Our esteemed consultants have the right individualized strategies that work for each law firm.  

However, times continue to change, and technologies continue to spin out of control, making it difficult for law firms to stay ahead of their game. We help those law firms exceed their goals and expectations for continued success. No company stays on top of the mountain forever. There will be valleys or ups, and downs in the future, and we help the business owner prepare for these times and help them through new processes while keeping profits growing. We devise individualized and unique plans of action for each company we serve. 

Our consultants help law firms analyze their growth and develop digital strategies for continued growth through many applications unique to each firm. Therefore, the plans we utilized must be sustainable, measurable, and unique to that specific law firm. Without measurable goals there is no successful outcome. Law firms are no different across any industry when it comes to ideal marketing strategies. We take a personalized and focus-driven approach to each law firm’s practice areas to realize their unique growth, efficiency, and productivity goals. 


One of our primary goals for any law firm is to create a strategic marketing plan that effectively and efficiently builds a continued caseload. Strategies must be simple, easily implemented, and tracked, or the firm will never see a successful outcome. Every law firm has differing goals, budgets, experience, and strengths. 

■ Our strategic plans see continued and increased profits. 

■ We create for each firm the right strategic growth plan.

■ Goals Must Be Measurable.

■ We help law firms to identify the factors that drive their growth, thus their ongoing profits. But unfortunately, we discovered that many law firms are tracking data that does not matter when attempting to drive profits upward continuously.

What We Do Best

After analyzing a firm’s strengths, weaknesses, and what that law firm can do to reap improvement, we prepare a scorecard. Our unique plan includes the following.

■ Supports a firm’s brand

■ Develops sustainable internal and external processes

■ Maximizes new technologies

■ Leverages SEO or search engine optimization locally

■ Increases client base

■ Enhances client conversion

■ Identifies professional development for all employees

■ Help to align day-to-day activities with the firm’s long-term goals

Our Plans are Unique for Each Law Practice

By taking this data-driven approach, we eliminate all guesswork and focus on specific, measurable tasks and processes that align your firm’s day-to-day activities with stated long-term strategic goals. Our unique and individualized plans bring successful results through ideal marketing goals. We create, develop and initiate these specific marketing goals through, 

■ Education in and utilization of new automation and teaching staff in the use of new tools and technologies 

■ Use artificial intelligence to increase a law firm’s efficiency, proficiency, and productivity

■ We enhance a firm’s ability in new legal technologies.

Legal artificial intelligence gives firm employees information on new legislation, case laws, and other vital resources. Our consultant services rids attorneys of these tedious and time-consuming tasks involving automation. Our attorney clients can, 

■ Spend more time drawing in new clients

■ Increase attorney to client responsiveness

■ Enhance the quality of work for each client

■ Decrease expenses

While most law firms would rather forego new digital technologies, the automation we bring to law firms include the ability to,

■ Speed client intake processes

■ Budget

■ Coding

■ Invoice submissions

■ Format file conversions

■ Review documents

■ Decrease time of client intake to determine if a law firm is a good fit for the client through doing interviews and identifying conflict checks, 

■ Increase the firm’s energy through consultant responsibilities.

■ Initiate online interviews through new digital applications.

■ Streamline a law firm’s workflow.

■ Decrease the number of documents requiring review by the attorney.

■ Add value to any law firm by utilizing new automation

■ Save law firms an immense amount of time and money through our application process

■ Initiate practice management software, new tools, and systems.

We know that the world is slowly becoming a paperless society by using specific applications that make tasks faster and more efficient. We measure all data because this tells our consultant if a plan is working, how well it is working, or if it is not working and needs revamping. 

We educate your law firm or legal department that most employees are overworked, and our tools can benefit. We teach employees how they can share ideas, foster unique non-traditional ideas, collaborate with other law firms, improve retention, and develop a caring attitude of the firm. 

A Call to Action for Law Firm Efficiency

We take these time-consuming automated tasks by adapting cloud-based products and a unique plan for each firm. New digital technologies make your firm indispensable and set your firm aside as different and highly productive.

Our goal is to see that the law firms we represent realize a high level of successful profitability in our current modern-day and ever-changing technological world. As a result, law firms must realize that there are new machines and practices that help streamline their firms processes to increase profitability. There are consultants for lawyers ready to help.